Wall Mount Necklace Holder Hanging Organizer

Jewelry Hanging OrganizerIt is true that nothing more frustrating than finding the tangled necklace in the drawer especially when rushing to work. Most women usually own more than three necklaces in the drawer; one for work, one for leisure time, and another for night occasion. However, storing necklace in the drawer will usually make it tangled to each other and yes, it is frustrating.

If you want to store necklaces in the drawer; you should keep in individually in boxes; however, it does spend much space. To prevent necklaces from tangled to each other and also save space in the drawer; you can consider using the Wall Mount Necklace Holder Hanging Organizer.

Hanging the jewelry of any kind will make you easier to find when you need it. The hanging jewelry organizer by Wall Mount can be one of the good choices for you. To complete your reverence of the hanging jewelry organizer here is the complete review for you.

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Excellent Necklace Holder

The Wall Mount necklace and jewelry organizer have a simple yet elegant design. Even though it does not have plenty features; however, it is awesome in the simplicity. It gives you the right features that you need to organize the jewelry collection in style.

Great affordability

The Wall Mount hanging necklace and jewelry organizer are mad of 100% carbon steel which is designed to hold long necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and many other jewelry. This jewelry hanging organizer has a good durability and sturdiness due to the material used which can be used for a long time.

Maximal Usage

The accessories tray on the top side has an edge in order to keep the small jewelry from sliding off. The total 25 necklace hooks can hold for about 25 to 50 jewelry. The hooks are designed in staggered in an out and up and down which makes each of jewelry organized and tangled free.

Features and Specifications

The overall dimension of this hanging jewelry organizer is 14 ¾ inches x 3 inches x 2 ½ inches and 14 ½ inches x 2 ½ inches of accessories try on the top side. It also features jewelry tray on top side which can be used to store smaller jewelry or place a photo frame.

What Customers Say

This hanging jewelry holder has a simple and clean looks without excessive detail. It is truly a helpful way to store and keep jewelry as well as become a chic home decoration. This jewelry holder also does not need much space in the dressing room and you can also ditch the jewelry boxes which occupy the drawer.


Besides the simple design, this jewelry holder receives plenty of feedback from the previous customer for the ability to hold plenty jewelry and also the top shelf is perfect to store bracelets and small items. The jewelry organizer also comes with very easy installation with two drill screws.

In addition, the simple design also allows you to see each piece of jewelry that hanging. Plus, you can also forget about tangled necklaces and make your morning easier than ever. Tangled jewelry can somehow damage the items itself; therefore, Wall Mount hanging jewelry organizer is the great options to keep the jewelry in order.

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