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Latest Organic Body Jewelry – A Hot Trend

Some people prefer to follow trends when they are about to buy jewelry. They will try to find some jewelry items that are different from the others. Now there are many types of jewelry that you can find in the market. You can even choose the latest organic body jewelry based on today’s trend. You can see some types of organic body jewelry below.

Wood Body Jewelry

Nowadays, there are a lot of people who prefer organic body jewelry made of wood and it has become a common thing. Some people suggest that wood material is more flexible and light. In fact, wood is not the only material that is used to make body jewelry, but some of the people also choosing the bamboo material which is also good organic body jewelry.

Using bamboo or wood is just the same because both of them can be designed and added some colors to make it adorable. Of course, organic wood body jewelry is also known to be the most affordable material ever. Besides, this wood material can be safer in which there is no danger that may happen to the wearers. Somehow, you may create one by yourself or you can also buy this wood body jewelry in jewelry stores.

You may be quite familiar with body jewelry made of wood that looks sparkling and shiny. This special touch uses tea tree oil in order to make it sparkle. Instead of tea tree oil, you can also choose olive oil for the same function. It also can prevent the wood so that the wood is not easily cracked.

Bone Body Jewelry

The bones may be the best choice for body jewelry today. It can be seen from a large number of the jewelry designers who choose the bone as the main material in making body jewelry. They choose it because the bone is quite lightweight as wood and also available in various colors and designs.

Sometimes you do not realize that the jewelry that you see in the store are made of bone and it is painted with special colors. So, the organic bone body jewelry is not always using a white accent. The bone commonly used is taken from the bone of buffalo or you can also use the goat or a deer bone. The bones used are the large ones that can be easily shaped into various items, not only jewelry but also other cool items.

Ivory Body Jewelry

This body jewelry can be considered as the most expensive and rarest material in the world. Some people also say that ivory is not allowed and it is considered illegal. So, if you want to get ivory body jewelry, you cannot get it easily. You have to look at a particular store because most stores do not sell ivory body jewelry. Suppose you get one, you may have to spend a lot of money because it is really expensive. So this could be your last option if you want to use unique body jewelry anyway.