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The History of the Jewelry Boxes

It began centuries ago, making it the perfect item for collectors. When a lot of jewelry boxes can be easily found in an antique shop or online auction houses, several other jewelry boxes are found to be a collection. So, how was the beginning of where the jewelry box came from? Now, just read this article and you will know the history of jewelry box that you have never known before.

Porcelain Trinket Boxes

During the Victorian era (1873-1901), jewelry boxes became a craze. These boxes displayed some small beautiful sculptures which portrayed children, flowers, animals, and various other themes. Jewelry Boxes became popular when purchasing accessories rose up and fulfilled the tabletops of houses during that time. Some boxes were also decorated with illustrations of Kate Greenaway.

Celebration Jewelry Box

In addition to the memory of history, some of the jewelry boxes were designed to commemorate a specific event or era. For example, at the World’s Fair in 1904, there is a variety of goods on offer including jewelry boxes. For the owners, the box may not have a big value. Meanwhile, in the collectors’ eyes, the boxes were considered to be really valuable. Since there are many jewelry boxes that eventually ended up in the attic or basement. So, you may look for the boxes fans through an antique store or collector. Collecting antique jewelry box has become a popular hobby today. Since searching for goods is not difficult anymore, so there will be some collectors who want to find rare items.

Art Metal Jewelry Boxes

In the early 1900s, Art Nouveau was introduced in France and madness against metal jewelry box was born. The Jewelry box made of metal, which was also called the coffin, was produced in large quantity. Those assorted jewelry boxes were actually made of cast metal and given the finishing touches such as gold, silver, or ivory. The ivory box was made by painting it so it tended to be more durable than other types of metal. The motifs that decorated include flowers, birds, and a woman with her hair flowing like waves. Flower boxes were capitalized on the trend of Victoria and every kind of flower drawn implied a certain meaning.

Historic Jewelry Box

When America started the production of a jewelry box, they often incorporated pieces of history into the design created. Some boxes were designed in this country, for example, depicts the life of the plantation before the Civil War. Another box was also inspired by other cultures such as the Greeks and Romans as well as the typical image of Egyptian culture. Some of the first manufacturers of the jewelry box in America was Jennings Brothers and Benedict Manufacturing Co. In some cases, the manufacturer’s name might be listed, but some of the others did not do so.

In summary, those are some kinds of jewelry boxes that have different histories. Hopefully, after reading this article, then you may love to keep your jewelry boxes that can be very valuable in the future when the boxes become antique goods.