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Girl’s Jewelry Box-Things To Remember When Choosing One

Enchantmints Ballet School Music BoxBuying your little girl a jewelry box might be the best thing that you will ever do for your girl. For this reason, it is important that you get it right. A lot of women hold fond memories of their first jewelry boxes and this would definitely be a perfect gift that she will remember for many years to come. Here are top tips for picking the right girls jewelry boxes.

Deciding on the appropriate jewelry box

There are two types of Jewelry boxes; the children jewelry box and the adult jewelry box. The children jewelry box is usually suitable for little girls and it is mostly used to store costume jewelry. On the other hand, the adult jewelry box is meant for teens who would have practical use of it rather than entertaining use. It is important to note that the type of Jewelry to be stored in the boxes decides the type of box to be bought. If your young girl only owns costume jewelry, then the wise decision would be to get her a children’s jewelry box. If she owns pieces of expensive fine jewelry such as a sterling silver necklace or a golden ring, then an adult jewelry box would be more appropriate.

Choosing the material

The most common materials come in the form of the wooden jewelry box and the metal jewelry box. Wood is the most preferred and most available material due to the fact that it does not react with metals. It is also very strong. When making the choice of material, it is also important to consider the safety of your child and look for the material that is not sharp at the edges.

Color and Design

This choice goes down to how well you know your daughter. When it comes to color, pink is most favored by girls. If you have no clue what color she likes, pink is the best place to start. However, there are girls who would prefer other colors and you should make a point of knowing this. There are many design forms such as flowers, ballerina, Disney characters, and other such designs. There are also some that come with music. Music jewelry boxes are very popular with girls and this might be worth considering when choosing a kids jewelry box


Jewelry boxes come in different sizes. It is good that you settle on a bigger size because your young girl is growing and as she does, the size of jewelry she will store in the jewelry box grows too. Many women still own the jewelry boxes that they got when they were young or in their teens if the jewelry boxes had big enough room. A bigger jewelry box is better for this reason.


Jewelry boxes are a keepsake for many more years to come. They form an important part of a woman’s life and it is a gift that she will always hold dear to her. Simply put, for a girl who treasures jewelry, it is something she cannot do without. It is therefore up to you to make sure you buy the right fit for her. These top tips for picking the right girls jewelry boxes should help you in your quest.

7 Things To Remember Before Buying Your Jewelry Box

Seya Cherry Wooden Jewelry Box with Lock and KeyIf you own an impressive collection of jewelry then it is high time you thought of buying a jewelry box for easy storage. Choosing the best jewelry box can be one of the most daunting tasks especially if you do not know some of the things to consider. If you have been thinking of acquiring a jewelry box then you are the right place. In our discussion below, we have outlined 7 things to remember before buying your jewelry box.

1) Material used in making the box

The material used in designing the box is very important. Some of the best materials used for making the best boxes include wood and armoire. A good material will help in preventing moisture from building up once you have stored your jewelry in the box.

2) The size of the box

The size of jewelry box will depend on the jewelry you have. Jewelry boxes are available in small, medium as well as large sizes. In case you have many of pieces of jewelry then you should go for the large size. However, if you only have a few items then the medium and small sized boxes will not disappoint you

3) The number of compartments

More compartments will make it easy for you to locate your pieces of jewelry as well as organize them in a presentable manner. Therefore, you should go for a box that has two or more compartments for keeping your jewelry separately.

4) Check at the lining featured

A good jewelry box should have a lint and soft lining cloth on the inside. This is very important if you want to store pearls or any other soft gemstones. The piece of cloth will allow your jewelry to breathe easily while at the same time prevent them from tarnishing.

5) Cost of the jewelry box

The cost of the jewelry box is yet another crucial aspect that you need to look at before buying the gadgets. You need to compare various brands of jewelry boxes on the market so that you pick on the one within your means. You can check at some of the leading online sellers for the best deals.

6) Locking mechanism of the jewelry box

If you are going to store your pieces of jewelry somewhere that your children or any other person can reach easily then you need to find one with an excellent locking mechanism for the safety of your property. The locking mechanism should be easy to open when you want to access certain pieces of jewelry where necessary. If the lock mechanism does not please you, then check with another brand or seek for modification.

7) The style of the box

Style is another thing that you cannot afford to ignore. It is good to buy a box that will complement other things within your house so that you bring out that beauty you have always desired.

Enchantmints Ballet Heart Shape Music BoxIn summary, before you buy any jewelry box on the market there are various things you have to consider. Some of the aspects you need to look at include the lining within the box, its size, material used in making the box, number of compartments that come with the box, locking mechanism as well as the price just to mention a few of them.