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Jewelry and the Treasure of Love and Tradition

Jewelry is something valuable that only can be afforded when you have so much money. Some of the people have jewelry because they want to look adorable when wearing. But it cannot be denied that the ancient generation had taken jewelry to be something that could make them pleasant. However, now most of the people wear jewelry because jewelry can make them look beautiful and some of the others have their own reasons why jewelry is preferred. The most important thing is that jewelry becomes a symbol of richness and power of a person.

You must know that there are some types of jewelry that you can buy such as earrings, bracelet, necklace, and ring. Some of those jewelry types can also be combined with other gemstones such as sapphire, diamond, ruby, and emerald. In some designs, some goldsmiths prefer to use the originality of the metal as the material and avoid the use of gemstone. Somehow, some of the other designers still prefer the gold that is combined with diamond. Instead of gold, some of the other designers also choose platinum as one of the most valuable material to make jewelry.

Most of the women prefer jewelry to make them look beautiful. Meanwhile, some of the others own some jewelry for different reasons such as treasure that has a big value. As we know that gold jewelry has a stable price and the price may rise up as the time goes on. There are so many people who try to invest their money in gold. They prefer gold to be saved in their storage because gold will be always valuable even though it is hidden for many years.

Anyone must know that there are some types of jewelry available. One of the best and the most popular ones is a platinum combination and diamond. It is true that diamond is a friend for any women. There are so many people who want to get married prefer diamond ring as their engagement ring. Nowadays, some of them also choose the platinum ring that is combined with diamond. Of course, there must be a reason why they prefer diamond ring for the wedding. This happens because the platinum and diamond are good combinations or it also can be said a perfect combination. In the marriage, a couple will live forever as it also happens to the diamond that will always exist forever. Some women even try to wear jewelry which is made of diamond to make them beautiful during they hang out with their friends or have dinner with their partners.

One thing that you have to know that jewelry which is made of platinum and diamond must be very expensive to buy. There are so many platinum diamond combinations that you can buy such as diamond platinum ring which is not cheap because it is made of real diamond and platinum material. For those who are rich, money is not a big deal. They can even buy several pieces of jewelry that are made of platinum and diamond and they spend a million dollar to afford it.

Gold Jewelry Do and Do Nots

Apparently, when you have gold jewelry, you also have to consider several things to keep the gold so that it is not damaged. You should not treat your gold jewelry in vain so that the quality of your gold jewelry is maintained. In general, keeping the gold so that it always looks good is easy. Therefore, you can consider the following Gold Jewelry Do and Do nots so you can be more careful treating your gold.

The Don’ts

Don’t Wear Jewelry every time

There are so many people who wear jewelry such as wedding rings and necklaces all the time. Though, it is not good if you wear it every time because it can cause rapid deterioration of the jewelry such as loss gemstone, broken necklaces or earrings, and so on. Moreover, you should not wear jewelry while you are sleeping, washing dishes, or when wearing latex gloves.

Don’t Wear when Swimming

You should not wear your jewelry while bathing or swimming. The reason is because the water pool contains chemical substances that could damage the jewelry. You must be careful if you’re bathing while wearing jewelry because it can cause loose and then your jewelry will be gone.

Don’t Wash it too often

Washing the jewelry with special jewelry cleaner is recommended to be done, but you have to avoid washing the jewelry too long because the direct contact with cleaner could make silver and gold of the jewelry change into black.

Don’t Show it off

Having a jewelry does not mean that you have to show off every time in front of others. This is really dangerous because there are so many bad people who may steal your jewelry that you are wearing. You are recommended for not to wear it every time to avoid bad things that may happen to you.

Don’t sell it earlier

You need to remember that gold jewelry is a valuable asset that you have to protect because the price of gold may rise up as the time goes on. So, before you decide to sell your gold jewelry, then you have to understand the gold marketplace first and analyze the price whether it is a good time to sell or not.

The Dos

Keep in a Safe Place

Jewelry is a precious stuff that you have to be protected carefully. The gold jewelry is really valuable and you may never know that any bad guys want your jewelry. Therefore, in order to keep it safe, then you have to keep in a proper place and lock it.

Clean it up when it gets dirty

Another thing to do when you have jewelry is to clean it up when it gets dirty. Why? The reason is because the dirt may be accumulated on the surface of the gemstone and then makes it difficult to clean up. Before your jewelry becomes so dirty, so you have to clean it up regularly or at least when you see it dirty.



Latest Organic Body Jewelry – A Hot Trend

Some people prefer to follow trends when they are about to buy jewelry. They will try to find some jewelry items that are different from the others. Now there are many types of jewelry that you can find in the market. You can even choose the latest organic body jewelry based on today’s trend. You can see some types of organic body jewelry below.

Wood Body Jewelry

Nowadays, there are a lot of people who prefer organic body jewelry made of wood and it has become a common thing. Some people suggest that wood material is more flexible and light. In fact, wood is not the only material that is used to make body jewelry, but some of the people also choosing the bamboo material which is also good organic body jewelry.

Using bamboo or wood is just the same because both of them can be designed and added some colors to make it adorable. Of course, organic wood body jewelry is also known to be the most affordable material ever. Besides, this wood material can be safer in which there is no danger that may happen to the wearers. Somehow, you may create one by yourself or you can also buy this wood body jewelry in jewelry stores.

You may be quite familiar with body jewelry made of wood that looks sparkling and shiny. This special touch uses tea tree oil in order to make it sparkle. Instead of tea tree oil, you can also choose olive oil for the same function. It also can prevent the wood so that the wood is not easily cracked.

Bone Body Jewelry

The bones may be the best choice for body jewelry today. It can be seen from a large number of the jewelry designers who choose the bone as the main material in making body jewelry. They choose it because the bone is quite lightweight as wood and also available in various colors and designs.

Sometimes you do not realize that the jewelry that you see in the store are made of bone and it is painted with special colors. So, the organic bone body jewelry is not always using a white accent. The bone commonly used is taken from the bone of buffalo or you can also use the goat or a deer bone. The bones used are the large ones that can be easily shaped into various items, not only jewelry but also other cool items.

Ivory Body Jewelry

This body jewelry can be considered as the most expensive and rarest material in the world. Some people also say that ivory is not allowed and it is considered illegal. So, if you want to get ivory body jewelry, you cannot get it easily. You have to look at a particular store because most stores do not sell ivory body jewelry. Suppose you get one, you may have to spend a lot of money because it is really expensive. So this could be your last option if you want to use unique body jewelry anyway.


Jewelry and Gemstone Care & Cleaning Tips

Diamond is the hardest gemstone, but if you do not treat it properly, then your jewelry may scratch and dull. The best way to clean the jewelry is to bring it to a jeweler and cleaned professionally there. However, you also can clean it by yourself with simple ways that may be available in your home. You can follow some of the tips below when you want to clean jewelry and gemstone at home.

Using Mineral Water

The first easy way to clean up your diamond and jewelry is by using water and a small cloth. This is the first alternative when you think that your jewelry is not too dirty. However, if you think that it is difficult, then you can choose another way.

Using Soda Water

The second easy way to clean your jewelry is to use soda water. Soaking the diamond into the soda water will be able to provide a brighter sheen on your diamond. Just simply soak your diamond on the glass of soda water overnight. After one night, you can see your diamond will look shiny without reducing the value of the diamond.

Using Denture Cleanser

Your diamond looks dull? Do not worry because denture cleanser can be used to restore the luster of your diamond. You only need to dissolve a denture cleaning tablet in a glass of water, and then soak your diamond jewelry into it for several minutes. Lift your diamond jewelry and rinse. If it still looks dirty, then you can try a few more times. This method is quite effective and is often done by some owners of the jewelry.

Using Toothpaste

In addition to denture cleanser, it seems that the toothpaste can also be used to clean the diamond jewelry and makes it sparkle again. Just put a little toothpaste on a toothbrush and brush your diamond jewelry slowly. After that, clean the remnants of the toothpaste on your jewelry with a soft damp cloth.

Using Glass cleaner

The last option if you want to clean up your jewelry at home is by using glass cleaner. Glass cleaner can also be used to clean diamond and other gemstones like ruby, sapphire, and more. You only need to spray glass cleaner on your old toothbrush, and then wash your diamond jewelry to make it sparkle again. But do not use glass cleaner to clean gemstones with blurred colors like opal, or organic gems such as pearls because it will make it change into black color.

Using Vodka

Another option in order to clean our gemstone and jewelry is using vodka. Vodka is the secret weapon to clean diamonds, gemstones other crystals, as well as other various types of gemstone in the case of emergency. The way is to dip a cloth into the vodka, and then rub it into your diamond for a few minutes. After that, you will get back the diamond sparkles as usual.

In summary, sometimes you do not realize that your jewelry looks so dirty and dull. Therefore, you have to clean it up immediately. If you cannot bring it to a jeweler, then you can clean it by yourself using some tips above.

The History of the Jewelry Boxes

It began centuries ago, making it the perfect item for collectors. When a lot of jewelry boxes can be easily found in an antique shop or online auction houses, several other jewelry boxes are found to be a collection. So, how was the beginning of where the jewelry box came from? Now, just read this article and you will know the history of jewelry box that you have never known before.

Porcelain Trinket Boxes

During the Victorian era (1873-1901), jewelry boxes became a craze. These boxes displayed some small beautiful sculptures which portrayed children, flowers, animals, and various other themes. Jewelry Boxes became popular when purchasing accessories rose up and fulfilled the tabletops of houses during that time. Some boxes were also decorated with illustrations of Kate Greenaway.

Celebration Jewelry Box

In addition to the memory of history, some of the jewelry boxes were designed to commemorate a specific event or era. For example, at the World’s Fair in 1904, there is a variety of goods on offer including jewelry boxes. For the owners, the box may not have a big value. Meanwhile, in the collectors’ eyes, the boxes were considered to be really valuable. Since there are many jewelry boxes that eventually ended up in the attic or basement. So, you may look for the boxes fans through an antique store or collector. Collecting antique jewelry box has become a popular hobby today. Since searching for goods is not difficult anymore, so there will be some collectors who want to find rare items.

Art Metal Jewelry Boxes

In the early 1900s, Art Nouveau was introduced in France and madness against metal jewelry box was born. The Jewelry box made of metal, which was also called the coffin, was produced in large quantity. Those assorted jewelry boxes were actually made of cast metal and given the finishing touches such as gold, silver, or ivory. The ivory box was made by painting it so it tended to be more durable than other types of metal. The motifs that decorated include flowers, birds, and a woman with her hair flowing like waves. Flower boxes were capitalized on the trend of Victoria and every kind of flower drawn implied a certain meaning.

Historic Jewelry Box

When America started the production of a jewelry box, they often incorporated pieces of history into the design created. Some boxes were designed in this country, for example, depicts the life of the plantation before the Civil War. Another box was also inspired by other cultures such as the Greeks and Romans as well as the typical image of Egyptian culture. Some of the first manufacturers of the jewelry box in America was Jennings Brothers and Benedict Manufacturing Co. In some cases, the manufacturer’s name might be listed, but some of the others did not do so.

In summary, those are some kinds of jewelry boxes that have different histories. Hopefully, after reading this article, then you may love to keep your jewelry boxes that can be very valuable in the future when the boxes become antique goods.

Considerations When Buying Body Piercing Jewelry

You may be quite familiar with jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. However, did you know that you can also buy body piercing jewelry to decorate your body? Maybe this sounds unfamiliar, but some women choose body piercing jewelry to make their bodies look wonderful. If you’ve never tried it and you want to try wearing body piercing jewelry, then you should consider a few things before you regret it. There are some considerations when buying body piercing jewelry due to the danger that may happen when you wear body piercing jewelry.

The first is that the process of making body piercing jewelry is painful enough so you should be able to withstand the pain at the beginning. You can choose several places in parts of your body that you want to decorate with jewelry. However, during this initial process, you will definitely feel the pain because you have to make a small hole so that the jewelry can be linked to your body.

Piercings in the mouth or tongue can cause excessive bleeding, difficulty in speaking and eating, excessive salivation, infections, respiratory problems and can even lead to broken teeth. Piercing in the mouth and tongue can be sucked into the stomach which can make it more dangerous because you have to get surgery to get the piercing out.

Piercing on the brow is very risky if it is not done in the right place. The piercing should be done at an angle of 40 degrees from the outer corner of the eye. If the place is not right then it could be at risk of nerve damage, because the area contains three large orbital nerves supra.

Piercing the top of the ear is more dangerous because there is cartilage along the edge of the ear. If part of the cartilage is infected, then it will be more difficult to treat and can lead to disability in the ear. Many studies conclude that body piercing can be used as a marker of dangerous behavior, symptoms of psychological disorders, deviant sub-culture and anti-social personality traits.

Some of the women sometimes also get genital piercings. Piercing on the genital part can be very risky because if it gets an infection, then it can lead to infertility, halted the course of urine, and genital pain. Some men also do the same and generally it can cause priapism or pain during an erection due to genital piercings.

In summary, it is true that some of the people prefer body piercing jewelry when they want to decorate their body. However, they never know the danger that may happen to their bodies when they put the jewelry on. Before you regret it, you have to think twice and consider those consequences. Suppose you already understand and you know how to put the jewelry correctly, then you can continue to wear it or you can also entrust to a body piercing professional so that it is safe and no harm at all.

Basic Jewelry Types

You may be quite familiar with some of the jewelry types that are commonly used such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. However, you may not quite understand some types of jewelry you buy. Each jewelry has its own type anyway. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss one type of jewelry that has some types. In this case, we take necklace that has several types. Here are some types of necklace based on its length.

Collar Type

The length of necklace collar type is usually between 12 to 13 inches with a shape like a collar. Generally, this type of collar necklace used to stick in the neck. This type of collar necklace is a necklace of traditional Egyptian people. Most collar type necklaces have a wide size collar or consist of several ropes or chains. This type of collar necklace is usually designed for the glamorous event.

Princess Type

The princess type necklace is most commonly used by women and usually comes with a pendant. Its size in length usually ranges from 18 to 20 inches. Unlike the collar necklace, the princess type necklace is suitable for use in a variety of events starting from casual to formal even. Metals used in princess necklaces are gold, silver, and platinum. Just choose a princess necklace with a plain or basic designs that can be combined with a variety of stones or other ornaments.

Choker Type

Choker-type necklace is a kind of necklace with short ropes or chains that are used around the collarbone. Choker length is usually 14 to 16 inches. The most common material used for the choker is velvet and sometimes it is decorated with small rocks. It is quite similar to the collar necklace which is also suitable for night events because it will add your elegance of your look. But, you can also use it for casual occasions. In order to get the casual look, then you can choose a choker necklace made of beads with various shapes and colors.

Opera Type

The length of necklace opera type is usually between 30 to 35 inches. You can use this necklace by winding it two times to form it into a fashionable choker necklace or use as a necklace with a single rope or chain. Additionally, you can also make a knot create a classic look but also stylish. In the past, most of the women were wearing opera necklace for some night events. But nowadays, the opera necklace is more often used for casual occasions.

Matinee Type

The Size of matinee type necklace is longer than the princess necklace, which is about 22 inches. Usually, this matinee type necklace only has one rope or chain and fell right on top of the breast bone. The matinee necklace is perfectly paired with tube dress. However, the matinee type necklace is also ideal when used with a shirt that has a high neckline or a very low neckline.

In summary, those are some types of necklace based on the length that you have never known before. Somehow, you have to choose the correct necklace when you want to join to some events so that your appearance will look outstanding.

Why Is Costume Jewelry Preferred?

Talking about jewelry, you must never find its end because jewelry has its own trend that may change anytime. Some of the people may only know that jewelry is only used to beautify their neck, finger, ear, and hand and most of them are made of gold and silver. Certainly, it is true but you also have to know that some of the jewelry fans prefer costume jewelry to make them beautiful. Why is costume jewelry preferred? There are some reasons why some women prefer to wear costume jewelry.

Costume Jewelry is Cheap

The first reason why most of the people prefer costume jewelry is because this kind of jewelry is very cheap. Some of them cannot afford the price of real gold jewelry, so they buy the costume one. It is seen in a glimpse, no one can notice that the jewelry used is not made of real gold because the color is just similar to the real one. Somehow, you have to be smart and do not let your friend check your costume jewelry.

Looking Simple but Elegant and Luxury

When a woman wears jewelry such as necklace and earring made of gold, then they must feel so elegant and confident because the jewelry is made of real gold. If you cannot afford to buy real gold jewelry, then you still have a chance to wear costume jewelry that looks like the real one. Now, it is up to you whether you will be feeling confident to wear it or not. If you want to look simple but still looks elegant and luxury, then you must choose this costume jewelry.

Looking More Flexible

Another thing that makes some of the women prefer costume jewelry is because it is more flexible. They may put the costume jewelry on their part of body or dress as they wish anytime they want. They can even wear a bigger costume jewelry that can be attached to their outfit. Of course, you may be feeling difficult when wearing a bigger earring. But you will be feeling so easy when wearing a costume jewelry that is attached on the dress neck, dress arms, dress buttons, and anywhere on the dress.

Still Looks Real Jewelry

Choosing costume jewelry is a good idea because you can also still adjust the jewelry to your style despite it is not made of real gold. If you wear a casual dress, then you can also wear a simple costume jewelry that stills looks like the real one. The Jewelry may be suitable for any dress accents. So, you do not need to worry about the color of your outfit. If you wear a special outfit such as wedding dress, then you can wear several types of costume jewelry that can be put on the dress. It is alright to wear costume jewelry on your wedding as long you’re the audience never notice it.

In summary, everybody knows that jewelry made of gold is quite expensive to buy. Therefore, when you cannot afford the real gold jewelry, then you can choose costume jewelry that is cheaper but it has the same look as long as no one checks the authenticity.

Stylish Fashion Jewelry as Entity

Wearing jewelry is no longer an option for some of the jewelry fans, even they have already considered it as a necessity. They cannot live without jewelry and some of them have a lot of jewelry collections and always stay up to date. The question is why does jewelry seem so important to them? Certainly, for those who are wearing some sort of jewelry must have some reasons to make jewelry as their lifestyle.

Always Looks Gorgeous

One of the first reasons why jewelry is so important for some of the fans is because jewelry can make them look more beautiful and gorgeous. It is true that the jewelry will make the wearer look more outstanding in front of others. Usually, those who are wearing expensive jewelry belong to rich women such as a celebrity, conglomerate, business women, and much more.

Make Their Dress Perfect

A good dressing may look good enough for some women, but some of the other women do not feel satisfied when they are only wearing good clothes without jewelry. Some of them add some jewelry pieces on their dress to make their dress look more luxurious. They usually wear this kind of dress when they are going to a wedding party or another important meeting.

Making them Look Luxurious

Looking luxury is also something important for some women because when they look this way, they will be feeling proud of themselves. They do not want to look too casual in front of other women and they always want to look better than others. Therefore, the jewelry can be a symbol of self-pride when they are wearing it.

Making it as Celebration Necessity

Any celebration must require the audience to look awesome among others. Therefore, some of the women use jewelry to make them look adorable when visiting a special celebration. It is also kind of necessity for wedding procession in order to make the bride look beautiful. You may also see some attendances who also wear clothes with cool jewelry decoration on it.

Important Women Accessory

If you ask any women about something that can make them beautiful, then they must answer “Jewelry”. Some of the women also consider the jewelry is very important to have. Even when you are getting married, you must wear jewelry. Jewelry resembles beauty and elegancy. Therefore, any women must prefer jewelry when they are about to decorate their body with something valuable material.

Making it as a Better Gift

There are so many options when you want to give a gift to your lovely one. Of course, one of the best ways is by giving a special jewelry such as a ring, necklace, earring, and much more to your lovely girl. This can even show your true love to your women because jewelry is also a symbol of love.

In summary, Stylish Fashion Jewelry as Entity becomes something important that could not be left behind by some jewelry lovers, especially for women. All of them must have reasons why they prefer jewelry in order to make their appearance look awesome.

10 Jewelry Trends for 2016

Speaking of jewelry, you must wonder how the latest jewelry trends look like recently. As we know, there are many people who want to have jewelry collections with the latest design, especially for those who have money. If you are one of the collectors of jewelry, then you should know the trend of jewelry in 2016. Maybe, you do not quite understand about this. So, you can read this article as your inspiration.

Here are 10 jewelry trends for 2016

Black and White

This is currently used by some professional designer to make newer jet black rhodium with rock start chic style. The combination of evergreen accent makes inspired jewels, silver, white gold, and enamel become livelier on Art Deco.

Earring Jacket and Studs

This is one of the people favorite jewelry model in which wearing studs can make them more outstanding as well as the jacket which makes it more fantastic. Of course, you may buy this earring jacket and studs at various prices.

Chokers and Necklaces

Actually, this idea was taken from 2015 model due to the show at the Oscar on February in which gave inspiration for 2016 style. This style makes anyone who is wearing look fascinating and elegant.

Layered Gold Design

The Gold material may be expensive to afford. Why don’t you have a bracelet, ring, and necklace that is made by combining gold and metal? This gold layering piece can be more affordable but still looks elegant.

Bigger Earrings

Nowadays, bigger earrings have been becoming trends among the artists which make their appearance more luxurious and elegant. This is a good one for making your beautiful while you are going to a party.


This is a new model of earring with a small stone which has a cool modern cluster style. It also becomes the most popular and coolest jewelry’s trend. This design makes the wearer look younger and resembles a creative person with the small material.

The Design of Whimsical

This is a unique jewelry trend in this year. The combination of the rainbow will make people change their minds in the thought of stodgy and unapproachable towards the jewelry stores.

Fancy Design

This concept of cut is taken from the cluster style in modern design from some designers such as Ilana, Ruth, and Ariel. Meanwhile, the others create a good engagement ring with a simple design which is taken from Jennie Kwon and other artists’ figures.

Ethical Material Made

In this cool design which has been becoming trends for 2016, some of the designers use some recycle metal to make a new model and use some gemstone. Of course, this trend makes some goldsmiths do the same in order to create a new concept and design for jewelry styles.

Stacking Ring

If you are looking for a cheap and affordable gift, then this stacking ring can be a great idea. Since this style of this ring really looks so cute and has a design like Wake house. Besides, this new style of stacking ring will make you look casual but still elegant.

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