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Gold Jewelry Do and Do Nots

Apparently, when you have gold jewelry, you also have to consider several things to keep the gold so that it is not damaged. You should not treat your gold jewelry in vain so that the quality of your gold jewelry is maintained. In general, keeping the gold so that it always looks good is easy. Therefore, you can consider the following Gold Jewelry Do and Do nots so you can be more careful treating your gold.

The Don’ts

Don’t Wear Jewelry every time

There are so many people who wear jewelry such as wedding rings and necklaces all the time. Though, it is not good if you wear it every time because it can cause rapid deterioration of the jewelry such as loss gemstone, broken necklaces or earrings, and so on. Moreover, you should not wear jewelry while you are sleeping, washing dishes, or when wearing latex gloves.

Don’t Wear when Swimming

You should not wear your jewelry while bathing or swimming. The reason is because the water pool contains chemical substances that could damage the jewelry. You must be careful if you’re bathing while wearing jewelry because it can cause loose and then your jewelry will be gone.

Don’t Wash it too often

Washing the jewelry with special jewelry cleaner is recommended to be done, but you have to avoid washing the jewelry too long because the direct contact with cleaner could make silver and gold of the jewelry change into black.

Don’t Show it off

Having a jewelry does not mean that you have to show off every time in front of others. This is really dangerous because there are so many bad people who may steal your jewelry that you are wearing. You are recommended for not to wear it every time to avoid bad things that may happen to you.

Don’t sell it earlier

You need to remember that gold jewelry is a valuable asset that you have to protect because the price of gold may rise up as the time goes on. So, before you decide to sell your gold jewelry, then you have to understand the gold marketplace first and analyze the price whether it is a good time to sell or not.

The Dos

Keep in a Safe Place

Jewelry is a precious stuff that you have to be protected carefully. The gold jewelry is really valuable and you may never know that any bad guys want your jewelry. Therefore, in order to keep it safe, then you have to keep in a proper place and lock it.

Clean it up when it gets dirty

Another thing to do when you have jewelry is to clean it up when it gets dirty. Why? The reason is because the dirt may be accumulated on the surface of the gemstone and then makes it difficult to clean up. Before your jewelry becomes so dirty, so you have to clean it up regularly or at least when you see it dirty.