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Considerations When Buying Body Piercing Jewelry

You may be quite familiar with jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. However, did you know that you can also buy body piercing jewelry to decorate your body? Maybe this sounds unfamiliar, but some women choose body piercing jewelry to make their bodies look wonderful. If you’ve never tried it and you want to try wearing body piercing jewelry, then you should consider a few things before you regret it. There are some considerations when buying body piercing jewelry due to the danger that may happen when you wear body piercing jewelry.

The first is that the process of making body piercing jewelry is painful enough so you should be able to withstand the pain at the beginning. You can choose several places in parts of your body that you want to decorate with jewelry. However, during this initial process, you will definitely feel the pain because you have to make a small hole so that the jewelry can be linked to your body.

Piercings in the mouth or tongue can cause excessive bleeding, difficulty in speaking and eating, excessive salivation, infections, respiratory problems and can even lead to broken teeth. Piercing in the mouth and tongue can be sucked into the stomach which can make it more dangerous because you have to get surgery to get the piercing out.

Piercing on the brow is very risky if it is not done in the right place. The piercing should be done at an angle of 40 degrees from the outer corner of the eye. If the place is not right then it could be at risk of nerve damage, because the area contains three large orbital nerves supra.

Piercing the top of the ear is more dangerous because there is cartilage along the edge of the ear. If part of the cartilage is infected, then it will be more difficult to treat and can lead to disability in the ear. Many studies conclude that body piercing can be used as a marker of dangerous behavior, symptoms of psychological disorders, deviant sub-culture and anti-social personality traits.

Some of the women sometimes also get genital piercings. Piercing on the genital part can be very risky because if it gets an infection, then it can lead to infertility, halted the course of urine, and genital pain. Some men also do the same and generally it can cause priapism or pain during an erection due to genital piercings.

In summary, it is true that some of the people prefer body piercing jewelry when they want to decorate their body. However, they never know the danger that may happen to their bodies when they put the jewelry on. Before you regret it, you have to think twice and consider those consequences. Suppose you already understand and you know how to put the jewelry correctly, then you can continue to wear it or you can also entrust to a body piercing professional so that it is safe and no harm at all.