Powell Ebony Jewelry Armoire

Jewelry Armoire BlackIf you are in need of a great ebony jewelry armoire, then Powell Ebony Jewelry Armoire would absolutely be the best choice for you. Interestingly, it has incorporated great ebony furniture with an impressive black finish. Apparently, this jewelry armoire black is best suited for you if you have a large collection of different jewelry that requires perfect arrangement in a stylish way.

You will discover that its lining is amazing with a plush black color boosted by 100% rayon which makes it appear classic. For the interior compartment, this jewelry armoire contains a set of five necklace hooks on each swing doors that perfectly matches the rayon cord.

Actually, every component in this Ebony Jewelry Armoire is perfectly designed to meet your needs and preferences. The great display, high quality composition and amazing doors and drawers will make you fall in love with this furniture. Also, be assured of lots of storage while using it!

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Best Jewelry Armoire for jewelry storage

Starting from its incredible design to nice ebony finish, this product absolutely stands out as a perfect choice for you. It has taken into account attractive design, high quality (sturdiness), easy to assemble and great storage. It is simply the best.

Gorgeous and Nice Display

You will actually discover that this armoire jewelry black is pretty beautiful. The flip top together with the inset mirror gives it an ideal and appealing look. What about the ebony drawers? They indeed display excellent quality that gives them a unique beautiful appearance.

Heavy duty sturdy furniture

If you want a long lasting solid wood jewelry armoire, this one has got you covered. Its material composition is made of ebony that portrays sturdiness and great strength. You will be assured of no purchase for another sooner.

Features and Specifications

  • Great lining presented by black plush
  • Amazing interior compartments and hooks
  • Sturdy ebony material
  • Great quality with functional units
  • It is space-efficient- from the drawers and the doors


  • Easy to assemble and setup
  • Nice size with lots of storage space
  • It is firm and really strong
  • Amazing display from color formation
  • Beautiful and worth the money


  • Insufficient hardware during delivery
  • Some have streaks of colors

Customers Reviews and Scores

From the customers’ opinions and reviews about this black jewelry armoire, it is clear that it has absolutely met their demands. With a top rating of 4.0 stars out of 5 from the 94 customer reviews, this is a great product worth purchasing.


In summary, this Ebony Jewelry Armoire has met the specifications that prove it is best suited for jewelry storage. From the interior compartments to necklace hooks, customers will always get satisfaction needed.

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