Plaza Astoria Wall/Door-Mount Jewelry Armoire, Black

jewelry Armoire BlackPlaza Astoria’s Jewelry Armoire is multi-functional furniture. It combines the advantage of a full length mirror with jewelry storage space. In so far as the design is concerned, this mirrored jewelry armoire has a rectangular mirror with small plain border of even size all around.

The color of this border varies. Therefore, jewelry armoire has black colored border. The expensive look of this mirrored jewelry armoire can be attributed to the wood, color, design, and metal. The materials used to make this wall/door mount jewelry armoire are also responsible for its durability.

Plaza Astoria Wall Or Door-Mount Jewelry Armoire, Black 3 aThe vertically long mirror of this jewelry armoire from Plaza Astoria hides behind it a well thought out jewelry organizer. Overall dimensions of this jewelry mirror armoire are 4.2 inches x 14 inches x 48 inches. Plaza Astoria’s this furniture piece weighs merely 22.9 pounds.

Another well thought out feature in this mirror jewelry armoire from Plaza Astoria is the template provided with this furniture piece for making mounting on wall or door easier.


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Why Plaza Astoria’s this Jewelry Armoire Black is the best way to organize and manage jewelry?

This jewelry armoire blends easily with other furniture such as black armoire wardrobe because of black color frame. In addition, it occupies less room, looks stylish for modern interiors, has a mirror, and is easy to install. It also has well thought out jewelry organizer within it.

Features And Specifications

  • It has plenty of hooks or hangers with enough distances for keeping many necklaces and chains.
  • There are such hooking arrangements for chains of different lengths and weights planned to prevent them getting entangled.
  • There are separate pockets in the jewelry organizer within this mirror jewelry armoire that prevent the jewelry from coming into direct contact with air or moisture, and yet offer clear view for picking the piece easily.
  • The organizer in this black jewelry armoire mirror includes trays for bangles, hooks for bracelets, and pockets for rings and ear rings, apart from room for other jewelry items;
  • This black armoire also has black interior lining made from soft material which prevents scratches on jewelry and blends with the rest of the unit.


  • This mirror jewelry armoire prevents damage to jewelry and facilitates organizing jewelry as per matching ear rings, bangles, etc.
  • This black mirror armoire chest saves space since it is multi-functional and the size is just right.
  • The design and material of this black mirrored armoire cabinet ensure that there is no sagging even with the weight of jewelry in it.


  • There are no covers to prevent dust or moisture if the door is not closed by the user;
  • The user has to frequently close the door for checking if the jewelry suits the attire since the mirror is on the outside;

Customer Reviews and Scores

This modern jewelry armoire from Plaza Astoria scores over most other available in the market because of its combination of functions, size, and perfection in design. There are no zippers in it, but there is a room to place any unusual size jewelry as well. On the whole every jewelry piece, irrespective of size will easily be visible in this jewelry armoire. That is why, it has a high ration of 4.6 out of 5 stars with more than 290 reviews.


Jewelry often gets entangled and becomes unusable. At times, it develops scratches because it is placed along with other jewelry which has sharp edges. Organizing jewelry is time consuming. Moreover, conventional jewelry boxes occupy lots of room, and are organized in a way that placing the jewelry back after trying is again a time consuming process. A more logical solution to all these problems was necessary and so Plaza Astoria came up with its mirrored jewelry armoire.

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