Overdoor/Wall Jewelry Organizer in White By Longstem

Jewelry hanging OrganizerWhat can women do to ensure their accessories well-organized? The only solution is by taking advantage of a Jewelry Hanging Organizer. There are many brands and choices to buy, in fact. Longstem Overdoor organizer is one of the great options. It also comes in white color.

The wall hanging jewelry organizer actually is an important item to store many types of jewelry in order to prevent damages and cracks. The room will be neater as well. Thanks to this product. What are the other reasons why people should buy this item? Well, here is the further information they can read. Many women love it so much.

Good Mounted Organizer

Like the regular jewelry organizer made by Longstem, it has an excellent functionality. People only need to hang it over their bedroom door or closet. They can also install it directly onto any wall surfaces. Users can place different types of jewelry including watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and many others. There’s a useful tray for bangle bracelets and rings. This item allows them to place every piece of their jewelry easily. Later, they pick something out based on what they want to wear.

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Durable Design

Many users really love its durability. They are able to install it in their closet. This way, they become easier to pick out accessories visually. The can organize their earrings, necklaces, and others without hassles. In the terms of durability, it’s built to withstand the time. Not to mention this item is quite versatile. The quality is beyond good as it comes with sturdy parts and wire hooks. This wall mounted jewelry organizer is made of durable powder coated steel. People can install it over a door or they can simply mount it to the nearest wall.

Features and Specifications

  • The product includes 38 hooks so users can put hundreds of accessories in an appropriate organization. It minimizes the hassles and messes of owning lots of jewelry.
  • The organizer displays the entire accessories professionally. That means users can pick a specific item without spending too much time. They only need a single glance. That’s it.
  • It provides sufficient places to store different types of accessories. It can be anything. Most of the users are women.
  • It has strong steel so it will withstand the open and closed door over time.

Customer Reviews and Scores

White Longstem Overdoor is clean and neat jewelry hanger. It’s quite similar to its sibling that comes with black color. If women are into smooth and sturdy jewelry organizer, they must pick this one. There have been more than 400 customer reviews on the internet. Most of them have provided positive reviews to this item. When it comes to rating, it’s almost perfect. Some users say that they really love this organizer. One thing, it’s a little bit heavy. People must ensure that they can mount this thing up on the wall or closet.


To sum up, users are really satisfied of using this Jewelry Hanging Organizer. They use it to find any types of jewelry and accessories easier. What they need to do is only to take a glance at the item they are going to wear. Everything is organized and neat. The white color of the steel wires is quite appealing. Needless to say, it’s quite durable.

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