Overdoor Wall Longstem Jewelry Organizer (Black)

Jewelry Hanging OrganizerWomen buy more accessories like jewelry over time. The problem is that they don’t have ample space to store those items. No worries. Door hanging jewelry organizer products are available in the stores. This type of item has an important role to store different pieces of jewelry in a proper way.

With this, women can get a reassurance of the safety of their accessories. They can hang them on the organizer. Black Overdoor wall Longstem organizer is one of the best products to buy. There are many plus points that people can get from it. Not to mention they won’t lose their jewelry anymore when they use this product.

It’s Holds Everything

This item fits nicely on the door. In fact, it doesn’t move around. What people should do is to hang it appropriately so they won’t get trouble when using this hanger. They don’t even need to use much force to make it latch. The best thing about this accessory organizer is that it holds all types of accessories including chunky bracelets, pendants, and others. There are six narrow trays to store these products. The tray is situated on a rectangular holder at the top of the organizer. This is suitable for earrings.

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Sturdy Materials

Black is an elegant color. It increases the value of this Jewelry Hanging Organizer. Not to mention this item is made of strong materials. The organizer is made of powder coated and heavy duty steel. It’s suitable to install on a door that is regularly opened. There’s also a bracket to hang the unit in the middle of the door. People should keep it intact. The setup isn’t as hard as they think. There are some instructions to follow. Overall, it lasts longer than people may think.

Features and Specifications

  • It comes with more than 30 hooks. That means users can hang up to 300 accessories and properly organize their entire jewelry collection.
  • It helps display the accessories so users can find out the one that they are looking for without spending too much time.
  • It gives abundant storing for necklaces, earrings, pins, rings, and bracelets. It provides easy convenience to all types of accessories.
  • Built in sturdy carbon steel. It’s constructed to last longer than other similar jewelry hanger.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Black Overdoor is a great jewelry hanger. It supports various types of items properly. There are many options of jewelry organizers on the internet. However, not all of them are as good as this one. If people look for both sturdy and functional accessory hanger, they should pick this model. There are about 88 customer reviews on the internet regarding how great the product is. It has gained 4.6 stars out of 5. The customers mostly provide positive testimonials on this item. They consider it as an amazing organizer. They can keep their jewelry safe and neatly.


In summary, this Overdoor jewelry organizer can help everyone to keep their accessories in a more organized way. Jewelry isn’t something people can organize easily like other items. That means these accessories need a distinct place to store or hang. A hanging organizer is a perfect choice. It can hold lots of items and it is quite sturdy.

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