Misslo Hanging Non-woven Pocket Organizer

Jewelry hanging OrganizerWhat do people know about a Jewelry hanging pocket organizer? Many of them will overlook this item. The fact is that they will need it to manage their accessories in a better way. Losing accessories due to bad storage isn’t a good thing. A pocket organizer like Misslo indeed is a nice choice.

There are many reasons why people should pick this item. The review here will discuss more it. Not only it can store accessories well but it also prevents those items from damaging each other. Many people are satisfied with it. What makes the product popular? Here’s a review about it.

It Stores More than Jewelry

People may think they can only use this organizer to store accessories. In fact, it can be more than that. Some people also use it to store nail polish. They buy it for a purpose other than accessories. Even though it’s true, some people are unique.

They want to simplify everything. It includes their nail polish or other items. A jewelry organizer can fulfill this demand, after all. The clear little pockets of this item will do the job. Users only need to pull out their organizer and they can pick any item freely.

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Safe and Appealing

This Jewelry Hanging Organizer is both practical and good looking. It’s not only simple but also safe. People can pick and wear their jewelry more often. There is no need to search and dig onto the jewelry boxes. The item works perfectly. It holds many accessories and it can withstand the weight. Some people consider the material won’t be secure enough to hold jewelry. They are wrong. The organizer proves quite capable. People only need to be careful when opening the plastic. There’s the risk of damage whatsoever.

Features and Specifications

  • It comes with 32 pockets. There are also 18 loop and hook closures. However, there’s no hanger included.
  • There’s visible PVC window. This helps people to protect and view accessories. The necklace tabs are quite sturdy to hold heavy items like chains and others.
  • It displays accessories convenient and well to choose something to wear. This organizer won’t take much space. A small closet is more than just enough.
  • The design is quite stylish.

Customer Reviews and Scores

When it comes to customers review, there have been around 898 testimonials provided by users. Mostly, they are satisfied with both the quality and functionality of this item. They are also impressed with the design. They have found something that they really need. With this jewelry organizer, they won’t let their accessories unorganized.


Hundreds of people have provided positive reviews about this Jewelry Hanging Organizer. Some of them give negative feedback, though. The best thing about this product is its practicality. Users can store their accessories without hassles. There are 32 pockets to store their items. It can be anything.

Even men also use it to store some of their accessories. With it, people can manage their stuff in a more stylish way. They can pick any accessory to wear based on different occasions. It’s a recommended product to save some spaces in their room. There will be no more messes of jewelry around the room.

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