Mirrortek Hanging Jewelry Closet Organizer Armoire with Mirror- Cherry

Jewelry Armoire BlackIf you have been facing problems in organizing your jewelry, Mirrotek Jewelry armoire black is just the furniture for your home. This black armoire is essentially contemporary furniture because unlike antique jewelry armoire, this armoire does not have ornate designs, which are difficult to clean. The beauty of this black jewelry armoire lies in its simplicity and functionality. This jewelry armoire includes a high quality full length mirror on front.

Knowing the importance of even drilling and problems in such hanging armoires, Mirrotek also provides a template so that the levels can be adjusted as needed. Good quality wood is used in it to keep the furniture piece light and yet sturdy. Wherever needed metal has also been used in this cherry or black mirrored jewelry cabinet.

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This furniture piece can be delightful addition to small homes, small rooms in large homes, or even large homes in which spaciousness is the main theme of interiors. It can also be added to interiors in recreation vehicles, or mobile homes. It has enough room for 36 necklaces, 96 rings, 48 earrings, apart from 12 different compartments for holding bracelets, watches, hair clips, etc.


The main features of the black mirror jewelry armoire include

  1. Mirror
  2. Easy to install
  3. Ample room to accommodate different types of jewelry
  4. Door that closes perfectly


  1. Sleek appearance, sturdy building, well thought out design, and best of all a door that always closes perfectly, and never sags even when loaded with jewelry;
  2. The jewelry organizer has hangers or hooks which are designed to keep danglers, hoops, ear rings, necklaces, etc., at reasonable distance so that they are never close enough for getting entangled;
  3. The dark colored background makes it easier to identify the jewelry piece easily;
  4. Mirror is an added advantage.
  5. Prevents moisture from air or surroundings from making the jewelry dull and lusterless


  1. There is not enough room for heavier jewelry such as belts worn at the waist;
  2. User would have to close the door of the armoire every time to check how the jewelry piece looks with their attire, which can be annoying.
  3. If the user accidentally leaves the door open, there would be no way to protect the jewelry pieces from moisture.

Customer Reviews And Scores

Most of the customers who have used this jewelry armoire from Mirrotek are happy with its features and have found it to be a useful product. While the cons cannot be denied, the fact that this product sores 5 stars from 71 percent of reviewers must mean something. It is indeed a good way to organize jewelry for women.


Traditional methods of organizing jewelry are time consuming. This mirrored jewelry armoire from Mirrotek is certainly a better alternative. It can save a lot of time in dressing up.

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