Jewelry Polishing Cloth to Keep Your Jewelry Sparklingly New

Women absolutely adore their jewelry as they complement the outfit and ties the entire look together. As beautiful as jewelry may be, they tend to lose their dazzle or sparkle with time and heavy usage. Therefore, it is necessary to care for one’s jewelry and carry out proper cleaning. When it comes to cleaning or jewelry polish, consumers tend to use any soft cloth for the purpose. This isn’t the right way to clean the jewelry pieces of course, the best way to do so would be to use a proper jewelry polisher cloth.

Jewelry polish cloth makes the best jewelry cleaner and jewelry tarnish remover because this type of ultra-soft cloth is capable of removing dirt and tarnish from the jewelry pieces effectively. The more you buff and polish your silver with these, the shinier it will become. So if you own jewelry pieces and you wish to care for them then investing in this product is a must.

The top 10 polishing cloths for jewelry are listed as under:

1) Polishing Cloth for Silver, Brass, Gold and Other Types of Jewelry – Largest Size 12” by 15”

Polishing Cloth for Silver, Gold, Brass & Most other Metals, 12 * 15 Largest SizeThis polishing cloth from Sabrina Silver is made of soft cotton. For ease of usage, this one comes in a large size. The results produced by using this cloth on jewelry are quite long lasting. Available in two colors, blue and yellow, one can use this for cleaning jewelry made out of silver, gold, brass and other metals commonly used in jewelry making. The item was originally made for cleaning silver jewelry but it works equally well on other types of costume jewelry. This is a tried and tested product, therefore you will not face any quality issues with it.

Are you wondering about where to buy silver polishing cloths like this one? Well, you don’t need to search high and low for it as it is available online on Since this is one of the leading polishing cloths for jewelry, there are plenty of dupes or imitations of it. To ensure that the product you’re buying is a genuine one, make sure you check the center of the polishing cloth, it should have “Sabrina Silver” printed on it.  Click Here To Buy From

2) Southwest Spirit Polishing Cloths for Jewelry – Pack of 3

Jewelry Polish ClothDo you love your jewelry a lot and use them often? In that case you must invest in Southwest Spirit polishing cloths for jewelry. This is the best jewelry polishing cloth as it does the job fairly well and restores the original appearance of your jewelry, thus making them seem as good as new. This economy pack comes with three polishing cloths measuring 5” in width and 7.5” in length, which makes it easy to hold them and polish the jewelry with them. This product is different from other types of cloth because it is extremely soft and incapable of causing scratches to the delicate surfaces of jewelry pieces.

Southwest Spirit polishing cloths are extremely versatile too, in the sense that they can be used for cleaning and brightening the appearance of all types of jewelry from silver jewelry to gold ones to copper ones. In fact, one can also use it on Bronze jewelry to get impressive results.  You can use this cloth to get rid of fingerprints, grime, dust and tarnish from your precious jewelry pieces and help them retain their beautiful original look.  Click Here To Buy From

3) Connoisseurs Silver Polishing Cloth – Boxed Packaging

Connoisseurs Silver Polishing ClothConnoisseurs ultra soft silver jewelry polishing cloth is a great tool to use when you are learning how to clean silver jewelry the right way. This is a very good product for jewelry polishing and cleaning as it produces professional quality results. Apart from using this on jewelry items, it can also be used on watches. Connoisseurs jewelry polish cloth is a green product and a renewable resource as it is manufactured using 100% cotton fiber.

Using this product is extremely simple: you just need to carry out two steps. The first step involves the use of the inner Connoisseur silver jewelry polishing cloth to get rid of the tarnish and dirt from the surface of the jewelry items. You will notice that the dirt and tarnish is easily removed owing to the Anti-tarnish formula of the cloth. Once you’re happy with the result produced by the first step, you should proceed towards the second and final step. This step involves using the outer cloth for polishing and buffing the jewelry so that it can exude even more gleam and radiance.  Click Here To Buy From

4) Metal Polishing Cloths by Cape Cod – Tin packaging

Jewelry Polishing ClothJust like your jewelry pieces, the packaging of this polishing cloth for jewelry is very attractive and eye-catching too. Manufactured by Cape Cod, the jewelry polisher cloth comes in a small white tin that features ornate designs, thus giving an almost vintage feel to the product. The tin contains 12 polishing cloths, a buffing cloth and a pair of reusable gloves to protect your hands when you’re using this product to polish your jewelry.

This jewelry cloth works well on all types of metals, namely silver, gold, copper, brass, pewter and so on. The cloth pieces are soft and moistened with the right amount of polish to enable it to polish the jewelry pieces very effectively. Each of the twelve jewelry polishing cloths come in individually sealed plastic bags to prevent the polish solution from evaporating. These treated moist polishing cloths work wonders on polishing the fine scratches on your jewelry and making the jewelry gleam.

Although this jewelry cleaning cloth is very effective on its own, you can combine it with a polishing solution for taking care of jewelry that are extra soiled or tarnished and require heavy duty cleaning.  Click Here To Buy From

5) Black Hills Gold Source Silver Cleaning Cloth for Coins, Jewelry and Other Valuables

Silver Cleaning Cloth for Jewelry by BlackHillsGoldSourcePeople tend to assume that difficult stains on jewelry calls for the use of harsh cleaners like caustics, ammonia or some kind of abrasive brush. This couldn’t be further from the truth because in case of jewelry cleaning you need to be extra gentle, which is where the polishing jewelry cloth comes in the picture. This is a very soft cloth meant for cleaning jewelry. Don’t be fooled by its softness as it can get rid of even the most difficult-to-remove stains and tarnish in no time.

These cloths measure 4” by 6” only, which makes them extremely portable as they can fit into one’s wallet and purse with ease. Each of the non-toxic and environment-friendly cloth comes with two inner cloths and two outer cloths sewn together for ease of use.

The silver polishing cloths from are an inexpensive investment for your jewelry, coins and other types of valuable products. Made from pure cotton, the flannel cloth is treated with the most effective cleaning and polishing agents in order to brighten up your jewelry pieces. The microfiber soft cloth traps and retains dirt very well, thereby leaving your jewelry bright and radiant.  Click Here To Buy From

6) 2 Pc Connoisseurs Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloth

Connoisseurs Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloths 2Pcs

Do you have silver jewelry and accessories that look like they could use some silver polishing action? In that case this Connoisseur polishing cloth would be able to do the job impressively. Meant for use on watches, jewelry and silver bracelets for women, this one comes in a bright red box with two polishing cloths inside. You can use them for bringing out shine and sparkle to you silver jewelry, even the sterling silver ones.

This silver cleaning cloth is so effective that one doesn’t have to rub it vigorously on one’s jewelry to bring out the desired results. Instead, one should gently rub the jewelry with the lighter color inner cloth first and then the darker color outer cloth for best results. The luxurious cotton fibers of these cloths make it a delight to use them. Measuring 11” by 14”, the cloth has the perfect size, which makes it easy to hold and use.

Caring for your silver jewelry and accessories does not have to be a difficult thing, especially if you have this polishing cloth jewelry in your arsenal because they beautify your silver items like a pro.  Click Here To Buy From

7) Instant Cleaning and Polishing Cloth for Gold and Silver Jewelry

Gold and Silver Jewelry Instant Cleaning and Polishing Cloth Restores ShineTaking care of your silver and gold jewelry is easier than ever thanks to this instant cleaning and polishing cloths for jewelry. Although it is best for cleaning and polishing silver jewelry, it can also be used on gold and platinum jewelry and the results produced are more than satisfactory. Measuring 6.5” by 4”, this polishing cloth helps to restore the lost shine and make your jewelry brand new once again. All this can be achieved with just a few minutes of polishing action. If you want to obtain high shine at minimum cost then this is the product to pick up because it is extremely cost effective.

The cloth is very soft to touch and can be used for cleaning all kinds of jewelry from rings to necklaces to bracelets to earrings. They take the tarnish right off and even work on oxidized jewelry items. You can use them to get rid of stains and tarnish built up on your jewelry over the years. At this affordable cost, this is the best jewelry cleaner and it will definitely not disappoint you.  Click Here To Buy From

8) Connoisseurs Jewelry Wipes Compact

Connoisseurs Jewelry Wipes CompactThis Connoisseurs jewelry cleaner silver is definitely a worthy choice for cleaning tarnished silver jewelry. In addition to getting rid of the tarnish, the polishing cloth from Connoisseurs also leave behind an anti-tarnish shield on the item, therefore allowing it to maintain its newly achieved luster and shine for a long period of time. The seal of approval from Good Housekeeping further confirms the fact that it is a worthwhile investment. Thus, you don’t need to think twice when buying this product because the results produced will be up to the mark.

What’s unique about this silver polishing cloth is that it comes in a compact case, thereby making the item highly portable and easy to use when on-the-go. Leave one inside your purse as it would come in handy when you’re heading out somewhere and you forget to polish your jewelry. This way, you can still show up at the venue with bright and sparkling jewelry and get compliments for it. Ideal for costume jewelry made of gold or silver and for jewelry featuring gemstones, this product can be purchased online.  Click Here To Buy From

9) Connoisseurs Jewelry Wipes – Dry Disposable Wipes

Jewelry Polishing ClothsSometimes working with a moist jewelry polishing cloth can be quite difficult and messy, especially when you’re on the go. Thus, it would make sense to invest in a dry silver polish cloth. The Connoisseurs dry disposable wipes is perfect for such scenarios because it can get the job of polishing the jewelry done quickly and effectively. This Connoisseurs jewelry cleaner comes in a box and acts as a quick beauty treatment for your jewelry pieces that are screaming to be cleaned.

Manufactured in USA, this product can be your ideal traveling partner as it works well on all types of jewelry, including one studded with gemstones. These are dry, just like a napkin but they work a thousand times better than an ordinary napkin when you’re engaging in the task of cleaning your jewelry. The softness of the cloth enables it to reach every nook and corner of the jewelry, even the delicate hinge areas. Less is definitely more in case of this product as a single cloth is sufficient for cleaning a medium-sized jewelry item.  Click Here To Buy From

10) Sunshine Polishing Cloths for Jewelry – Set of 2 Tubes

Duo of Sunshine Polishing Cloths for Sterling Silver, Gold, Brass and Copper Metal JewelryAre you hunting for an easy-to-use jewelry cleaning solution that is also easy on your pocket? In that case the Sunshine Polishing Cloths in a set of 2 Tubes would make a good purchase option. This is easily one of the best jewelry cleaner options in the market currently. It can be used on several types of jewelry from sterling silver to nickel to gold to brass. It even works well on copper accessories.

The bright yellow color of the jewelry polishing cloth works well as an indicator of when you need to discard it. You should get rid of the cloth after it has completely darkened on both the sides and there is not a single patch of yellow on the cloth.

Unlike other jewelry cleaning cloths which stains the hand, this one leaves the hand and the jewelry piece spotless. The microfiber abrasive nature of the cloth also comes with lustering agents to help give the jewelry a brilliant shine. What’s more, the silver jewelry polishing cloth is safe to use as it is completely non-toxic.  Click Here To Buy From

Final Say On Jewelry Polish Cloth

Thus, it is quite evident from the above list that there is no dearth of jewelry cleaning cloth options. The solutions work wonders on jewelry items that have lost their luster and are just not as beautiful as they used to look. In other words, these polishing cloths ‘revive’ the jewelry pieces, making them shine with brilliance. When you use these cloths on your jewelry, be prepared to attract a lot of attention and compliments because they make like jewelry gleam vibrantly as though they are new.

All in all, these jewelry cleaning cloths are a great investment and can be used at home or while on the go in order to get your jewelry to shine and appear radiant. Thanks to these products, beautifying your jewelry has become very easy. If you miss the dazzling look of your jewelry when it was brand new then you should stop reminiscing and simply pick up one of these products and use them to give a quick rub on your jewelry so that they get the ultimate beauty treatment.

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  1. Polishing Cloth For Jewelry are definitely the way to clean them hygienically and properly. Though you have mentioned couple of them, my favorite is Sabrina Silver. It remains in top list as it is pretty soft and perfect size, which does the job without any hassles.

  2. I really like the polishing clothes that you have suggested. But polishing cloth from Sabrina Silver is made of soft cotton, is my favorite. The size is perfect and no doubt, that it is one of the fast selling items on amazon as well.

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