Jewelry Hanging Organizer – Clear The Clutter, Organize Your Jewelry Pieces

Out of sight, out of mind – this is certainly true in case of jewelry pieces because we tend to forget about the jewelry items that are lying in a pile somewhere in our drawer or cupboard and only remember it after we manage to dig it up. It goes without saying that all women have a considerable amount of jewelry in their possession, therefore wouldn’t it be useful to have jewelry hanging organizer that helps you keep all your jewelry items organized in a clutter-free manner? Having best jewelry organizer in your room will make things a lot easier for you because you wouldn’t ever need to ‘rummage’ through your jewelry storage space frantically in search of the piece you need!

Moreover, jewelry holders play an important role in storing the individual jewelry pieces properly to prevent damage caused to the delicate metals, gemstones or accents when such jewelry pieces rub against one another. This type of jewelry organizer will also help you save a lot of space and put a much-desired end to the rage experienced when looking for the jewelry piece that you need to wear but cannot find. Also, you will never lose your jewelry when you use this type of organizer.

When learning how to organize jewelry, you can consider buying the following popular organizers:

1) Overdoor Wall Longstem Jewelry Organizer (Black)

Overdoor Wall Longstem Jewelry Organizer Valet in Black

Wouldn’t it be easy to have all your jewelry pieces in one place from tiny rings to large necklaces? Well, this over the door jewelry organizer certainly makes it possible. This model comes with 38 individual hooks and can hold up to 300 jewelry pieces such as necklaces, pins, rings, watches, bracelets, earrings, etc. It comes with a stylish headpiece and can be hung over the closet door or the door to your room.

It also comes with a plastic tray having six compartments, this can be removed if not required. A sturdy piece, this one will last for years to come.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

2) Longstem Overdoor Or Wall Jewelry Organizer (White)

Jewelry Hanging Organizer

Have you ever wished to have all your jewelry items together in one place to enable you to select your accessories faster? In that case this jewelry hanging organizer will be just the right item for you. The stylish white color of the organizer ensures that it stands out from the background by being easily noticeable.

A heavy duty organizer constructed out of carbon steel, this one comes with 38 hooks and can hold 300 pieces of jewelry without a cluttered appearance. You can either hang it over the door or have it installed on the wall, either way you will be able to organize all your jewelry items stylishly and effortlessly.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

3) BeneVita Jewelry Hanger Or Holder In Royal Purple

BeneVita Jewelry Hanger Holder - Elegant Royal Purple Flocked Velvet

This one is a necklace hanger that can also be used for hanging other things like scarves, bolo ties, medals and belts. The royal purple color is particularly eye-catching. You can hang it from a nail on the wall or on the closet rod, as per your preference and convenience. The flocked velvet texture of the hanger gives it a luxurious look.

If you don’t have space for your scarves or necklaces then just hang them on this beautiful and sturdy holder to gain easy access to them; it makes it a lot easier to reach for the accessories that you need. Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

4) Black Floral 40 Pocket Storage Bag

Black Floral 40 Zipper Pockets Dual Sides Space Jewelry Organizer
If the door hanging jewelry organizer is not your cup of tea because your jewelry pieces would gather dust while hanging from them then you should opt for this zipper pocket jewelry holder or storage bag. It comes with 40 zipper pockets, which holds your jewelry pieces securely and prevents them from being exposed to dust and other external factors.

This jewelry hanging organizer with zippers is the perfect way to categorize your jewelry pieces as the clear vinyl pockets gives a clear view of the jewelry inside. The best thing about this jewelry holder is that it has pockets on both the sides, thus offering room for more accessories, which is a good thing because you can never have too much storage space for your accessories.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

5) Wall Mount Necklace Holder Hanging Organizer

Wall Mount Necklace Holder Hanging Jewelry Organizer Closet Storage Display Rack (Schelon Satin Nickel Silver)

Looking for a wall mounted jewelry organizer for your necklaces and smaller items? This one would fit the bill perfectly! Made of 100% US Carbon steel, this sturdy organizer is specifically designed to hold hook dangle earrings, link bracelets and of course necklaces. It can display or hold up to fifty necklaces depending upon the number of necklaces you put on a single hook.

The accessory tray on top is an added bonus and can be used for holding small perfume bottles, bracelets, watches or any small accessories. Unlike jewelry boxes, which promote clutter, this hanging organizer separates all your necklaces easily and are perfect for teenage girls and women alike.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

6) BelleDangles Wall Mounted Organizer for Necklace, Bracelet, Earring and Rings (Black)

Belledangles Wall-Mounted Jewelry Organizer - Necklace, Earring, Bracelet, Ring Holder in Black

For those living a busy and hectic lifestyle, having a wall mount jewelry organizer is the perfect way to introduce some sort of sanity and organization into one’s life, as far as jewelry items are concerned at least. Besides, this type of organizer would help you save a lot of time too as you will be able to find the accessories that you need in seconds.

Thus, your jewelry pieces will no longer lie in your jewelry box ignored and unused because this organizer will hold your jewelry pieces right in your line of sight, thereby allowing you to wear them more often. This durable black organizer can be used for necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

7) BelleDangles Pink Wall Mounted Accessory Organizer

BelleDangles Wall-Mounted Jewelry & Accessory Organizer (Pink)
A girl’s room is never complete without something in pink, this jewelry hanging  organizer is truly the ‘pink’ item that you need in order to add a burst of vibrancy in your room! Don’t be fooled by the delicate pink color of this organizer because it is very strong and can hold a large number of jewelry pieces.

What’s more, it also comes with a tray on top for additional storage, and can be used to hold smaller accessories like earrings, barrettes, bracelets, bangles, sunglasses, etc. You can hang your necklace on this to prevent them from tangling and for easy access of course! The hooks at the bottom can be used for holding hair ties, claw clips, rings or just about anything.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

8) Black Velvet Ring Jewelry Display (3×6 Display)NEW Black Velvet Finger Ring Jewelry Display (3 by 6 Finger display)

Have you ever wanted to have all your rings in one place? Well, in that case you should pick up this 3×6 ring holder or display. The black velvet material of the item makes your jewelry stand out better. You can put up to three rings on each of the six display fingers and have the organizer kept on top of your dressing table or counter.

The bling from the rings would also add the ‘bling’ factor to your vanity. This display is a great way of storing the rings as it protects them better than a jewelry box ever would.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

9) Misslo Hanging Non-Woven Pocket Organizer In Black

Misslo Black Jewelry Hanging Non-woven Organizer Holder 32 Pockets 18 Hook and Loops
This multi-function large jewelry organizer is very versatile in the sense that it comes with 32 clear vinyl pockets, 18 hooks and loop closures, thus enabling you to store all your earrings, necklaces and bracelets in a clutter-free manner. The front of the organizer features 32 individual pockets while the back comes with hooks and loops for necklaces.

The non-woven fabric of the organizer in black is of very high quality, therefore you can expect it to last for years to come. Moreover, the pockets feature transparent PVC windows, which makes it very easy for you to access your jewelry. What more could you want from a jewelry organizer?  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

10) 80 Pockets Jewelry Hanging Organizer By Household Essentials

Household Essentials 80-Pocket Hanging Jewelry and Accessories Organizer, Natural CanvasA hanging earring organizer with 80 clear pockets for holding your earrings, rings and chains or necklaces, this one is a worthwhile purchase. Measuring 18×34 inches, this is the ultimate solution for saving space and having your jewelry organized and protected. The beige colored organizer does not take more than 2” of space, therefore it can be hung on the wall or the inside of the closet easily.

Each side comes with forty pockets for your accessories, which is quite a generous amount. This imported organizer is made of 100% cotton and also comes with a durable aluminum hanger, which can be removed if not necessary.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

11) Household Essentials White Vinyl Jewelry Organizer with 80 Pockets

Household Essentials 80-Pocket Hanging Jewelry and Accessories Organizer White VinylDo you wish to store smaller accessories in a stylish and space-saving manner? The Household Essentials White 80-pocket Jewelry Organizer will help you achieve this wish in the best manner possible! This hanging jewelry organization solution displays your accessories beautifully and neatly. The sleek and simple look of the product allows it to blend in with any dressing room closet or bedroom, irrespective of the theme.

Measuring 35 inches in length and 18 inches in breadth, this comes with 40 transparent and soft vinyl pockets on each side, which protects the jewelry pieces and holds them securely. Thus, you will never lose your jewelry pieces again with this impressive 80 pocket hanging jewelry organizer around.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

12) Supertech 18 Hook and 32 Pocket Dual Sided Jewelry Organizer

Supertech 32 pockets and 18 hook-and-loop tabs Hanging Jewelry Organizer Dual SidesDon’t like the idea of having a particular type of organizer, like a ring holder, a earring holder or a necklace organizer? Why not get the Supertech 18 hook-and-loop tab and 32 pocket hanging jewelry organizer instead? This is a multifunction organizer that is sleek and sturdy – thus offering the best of both worlds. Moreover, it is also a lot more economical than buying different types of jewelry holders separately.

You can use it for storing fashion jewelry pieces and hair accessories. The variations in the type of holders, from clear vinyl pockets to hooks to loop tabs make it possible for you to store a large array of jewelry items.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

13) Closet Complete Ultra 80 Pocket CANVAS Jewelry Organizer

Closet Complete Ultra 80 Pocket CANVAS Jewelry OrganizerThis is no doubt one of the best jewelry display ideas because you just need to throw in all your accessories in its little pockets of the organizer and have it hung up on the wall or inside your closet! It is a perfect jewelry organizer for times when space is of the essence as it has been exclusively designed to take up as less space as possible.

The organizer, made from 100% pure cotton, comes with a convenient hanger and a strong CANVAS construction. With this nifty organizer around, you will never have to worry about losing your accessories again, especially the small ones which are most prone to being misplaced.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

14) Classic Jewelry Hanger Stand (Black)

My Gifts Classic Black Jewelry Hanger Stand for Earrings Necklaces And BraceletsA beautiful and ornate stand for holding all your jewelry items on your dressing table counter, this one is bound to impress you at the first sight! This hanger stand has hard welded legs for extra stability and comes with 48 holes for earrings (divided into 4 convenient rows) on its left and 10 hooks for necklaces on the right.

It is versatile enough for use in homes and commercial buildings alike. It also makes a great gift for girls! Don’t be fooled by its small size, you can hold a significant amount of jewelry pieces on it. So if you want to introduce organization to your method of jewelry storage then you should purchase this organizer.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

15) Jewelry Hanging Organizer 72 Pockets

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Mixing and matching your accessories would be really easy if they are all separated and laid out neatly. You don’t need to break a sweat over organizing your jewelry because this hanging pocket organizer will take care of this troublesome task for you! It comes with 72 clear plastic pockets, so you can see all your jewelry pieces at a glance and pick out the ones to mix and match easily.

This organizer can also end the problem of tangled necklaces or earrings because each piece of jewelry will have its own pocket, so you can bid goodbye to this loathsome problem.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

16) HangIt Jewelry Organizer From Just Solutions

Just Solutions HangIt Jewelry Organizer - BlackTired of wasting time looking for your jewelry inside the cluttered box? Well, the perfect solution for this is to just hang them on a jewelry organizer! Jewelry organizers hanging from the wall or inside the closet is a popular trend these days. The HangIt organizer is just like a clothes hanger, except it has many attachments to facilitate the holding of jewelry pieces.

With this piece, you don’t even need to bother with unclasping and clasping your necklace, simply put your necklace on the grooves and it would hang perfectly. Organizing your jewelry has never been this easy, thanks to this organizer which is also easy on the pocket.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

17) Mango Steam 3 Panel Organizer For Jewelry In Black

Mango Steam 3-Panel Organizer for Hanging Jewelry
Elegant, economical and efficient – these are three words that best describe this nifty panel organizer for jewelry. This is not just your average jewelry holder because it is extremely ornate and would add to the aesthetic appeal of the room in which it is placed. The unique trellis design of the item makes it all the more appealing.

However, this is not just a pretty furniture to gawk at, you can store up to forty pair of earrings on this organizer, not to mention bracelets and necklaces too. It also comes with an extra bonus: A beautiful floral wall decal from Mango Steam.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

18) Satin Thirty Pocket Black Organizer For Jewelry From Richards Homewares

Richards Homewares Satin Thirty Seven Pocket Jewelry Organizer-BlackSometimes a simple and clean design can speak volumes! If simplicity is what you’re looking for then this jewelry storage hanging organizer should be on your purchase list. It’s a simple satin jewelry organizer that comes with thirty clear vinyl pockets. Its nylon zippers ensure that the jewelry doesn’t fall out or get exposed and become dirty. You can store anything inside these pockets from earrings to necklaces to bracelets.

It comes with a hanger, so you can hang it inside the closet, on the rod or on a wall, either way, it will look good and make the task of picking the desired jewelry much easier. This product is also washable.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

19) Hanging Non-Woven organizer (Pink) With Hooks, Loops and 32 Pockets

Jewelry Hanging Organizer
Although this is not a zippered wall hanging jewelry organizer but it is still quite a good product. You can use it for storing your necklaces, bracelets and earrings. On one side of this organizer are the pockets, there are about thirty two of them divided into eight rows.

Once you flip it over, you will notice hooks and loops that you can use to hold your hoop earrings, rings or large necklaces. This two-sided clear jewelry organizer saves a lot of space and can be hung anywhere, on a rod, on a hook, on a nail, etc. It is truly stylish way to store and categorize all your jewelry.   Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

20) Jewelry Hanging Organizer With 37 Pockets By Richards Homewares

Richards Homewares Hanging Jewelry Organizer 37 Pockets Bedroom ClosetWhy research for jewelry organizing ideas and spend time and effort creating DIY jewelry holders when you can purchase a high quality yet inexpensive wall jewelry organizer like this one from Richards Homewares? Just as its name suggests, this one is a jewelry organizer hanging with 37 pockets made of clear vinyl front.

There are pockets on either side of this multi-purpose organizer, these are secured with nylon zipper to prevent the inner contents from slipping or falling out. If you want an economical solution for stashing away your trinkets and small jewelry items then this one would make an ideal purchase for you.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

21) Metal Jewelry Harp Earring Rack Stand – Black

BLACK metal JEWELRY harp Earring RACK stand HOLDERHaving too many earrings and running out of space to store them? Well, you can get a earring organizer stand to store all your earrings securely and easily. Simply rest this stand on your dressing table or a counter-top and hook all your earrings on to it. Its sturdy and durable construction ensures that it holds all types of earrings, even massive ones.

The stand can hold a whopping 78 earrings and is made entirely of metal, after which it is coated with black color to give it that sleek look. The harp shape of the stand is yet another of its attractive features.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

22) Bracelet and Necklace Hanging Organizer – Household Essentials

Household Essentials Bracelet and Necklace Hanging Jewelry Organizer Natural Canvas This natural canvas jewelry storage organizer is a great pick for those looking to hang their necklaces and bracelets. This is a green product as it is made from natural cotton canvas. It comes with a large sturdy hook to hang the entire organizer, which measures about 32×18 inches. The double-sided design allows you to put as many jewelry pieces as you’d like, thus making the product very space-efficient.

You can use this one to hold up to 14 bracelets and 21 necklaces. All in all, this is a must have for all ladies who wish to think outside the box and store their jewelry in a unique and practical manner.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

23)  Organizing Jewelry Valet in White

Organizing Jewelry Valet in White

Fed up of having your jewelry locked up in a jewelry cabinet? As a result of locking your jewelry up, you tend to forget about them, so it is advisable to store one’s jewelry on a jewelry valet. This type of product helps brings all your jewelry in one place, thus making it easy and convenient for one to access the jewelry. With this beautiful white jewelry valet, you can hold all your jewelry pieces together and never forget about them.

This valet makes it easier to access your jewelry. The over-the-door hook makes this into an over door jewelry organizer, which means you can save some space in your room for other products.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

24)  Mirrotek Over the Door Jewelry and Makeup Armoire – Cherry Finish

Mirrotek EVA48CH Over The Door combination Jewelry and Makeup Armoire Cherry finish

Don’t have space in your room for a wall mount jewelry armoire? How about a hanging door jewelry organizer armoire? This is a mirrored armoire that opens up to reveal plenty of shelves and brackets to store your jewelry and makeup items. It also comes with a locking facility and two keys are provided with it. The shelves are large enough for you to store body lotions and other bottled beauty products.

The lovely cherry finish of the armoire instantly perks up the room. Thus, this is not just an organizer for your jewelry but you can also store your makeup items in it and use it as a mirror for the room, talk about saving space. Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

25) Wall mounted Jewelry Organizer In Satin Nickel Silver Finish

Wall Mount Earring Holder And Necklace Storage Rack Closet Hanging Jewelry Organizer (Satin Nickel Silver)

A wall mounted jewelry armoire is good but it can occupy a lot of space, which is where the rack closet comes into the picture. This one is perfect for holding all your jewelry items such as watches, earrings, necklaces and even rings! Made of pure US Carbon steel, this one comes in an exquisite satin nickel silver finish, which makes the product exude elegance and opulence.

You can display up to 48 pairs of earrings on this rack closet and hold up to 50 necklaces, depending upon the size of the necklaces. This one is a perfect gift for all females, be it little girls, teenagers, young adults or mothers.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

Jewelry Hanging Storage Conclusion

It can be said that jewelry hanging organizer or wall mount ones are perfect for storing and holding all your jewelry pieces and trinkets from the really tiny ones to the large and bulky statement accessories. Investing in these would not only help you save space, it would also save your time and do away with frustration of finding the required jewelry from a pile inside the jewelry box. Thus, if you don’t have one of these already then it is high time you purchase one and experience the difference a jewelry organizer can make in your life.

If you have any questions or comments, I am HERE…  Check out our homepage on Jewelry For Moms.

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  1. I so need one of these! I have a ton of statement necklaces bought from ebay and they’re all mangled in a drawer. The door and wall organizers look the best and they offer a lot of practical storage without looking cheap.

  2. Hanging organizer for Jewelry are really the cleans the clutter as your head lines days. And like the way you express in your blog. Mano Stem is my favorite of all. Will write more and I keep coming back.

  3. My preference was always have been over the door. I do own a cherry finish Mirrortek. It makes my storage easy and comfortable. Nonetheless it enhances the room aesthetics.

  4. Multi pocket wall hanging Jewelry Organizers should not be ignored. They too make a great storage. Why I am mentioning this is I do own a Richards Homewares set, which is comfortable. This is really a great choice..

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