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Jewelry boxes and music go hand in hand. The musical jewelry box with a ballerina is a staple for almost all little girls have it during their childhood. There’s something so magical about this that they retain and cherish the box long after they have transitioned into adulthood. Listening to soothing music while putting in or taking out your jewelry and watching the miniature ballerina figure dance is quite entertaining in itself, therefore it makes a good addition to your vanity area.

You can store all your prized possessions in terms of jewelry and accessories in the jewelry box, which is generally made out of wood. Some common types of wood used for making jewelry boxes are maple, pine, oak, cherry, bamboo, elm, etc. The interior portion of the box comes with sections, compartments and even small drawers, thereby enabling you to store your jewelry pieces in an organized fashion.

These boxes usually start playing classic jewelry box music the moment you open them, thus giving you a very charming welcome. There are different types of jewelry boxes for girls available out there in the market, therefore along with collecting different types of jewelry, you can also collect different types of jewelry boxes.

Thinking about buying a jewelry box music for yourself or to gift others? Here are some of the top picks to consider:

1) Childhood Memories Pink Ballerina Jewelry Box by Lenox

Lenox Childhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry BoxFor those who wish to go back to the simpler days, back when there was immense magic and charm in a simple ballerina jewelry box, this product will help you take a walk down the memory lane. Unlike conventional wooden jewelry boxes, this one is crafted from metal. The silver metal exterior with a sculpted quilt pattern combined with the pink lining inside is quite eye-catching. Also, you will find that the exterior has a lot of tiny hearts scattered, and a large heart at the top and in front of the box, thereby giving it a girly appeal.

The interior of the box is divided into compartments of all sizes, including one that is small enough for storing rings. This product is perfect as a kids jewelry box. Kids would love the fact that it plays the classic ‘Fur Elise’ music on opening, thus encouraging them to use the box often for storing their jewelry neatly inside it and to develop the good habit of being organized.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

2) Monarchs Music Box

Monarchs Music BoxMonarchs Music BoxTired of the conventional musical jewelry box with ballerina? How about getting one with monarch butterflies instead? This music box does not just play the classic music of the “Isle of Capri”song but it comes with a beautiful Monarch butterfly figure inside it, a refreshing change from a pirouetting ballerina. What’s more, the velvet flocked paper lining inside gives it a luxurious look.

This product is not just one to gape at because it is actually quite functional too. The hinged top lid of the box opens up to reveal a large mirror on the inside portion of the lid. It also comes with a compartment to store jewelry and two drawers: a small one for rings and other trinkets and a large one for bangles, watches, bracelets, necklaces and just about anything that can fit inside it! Thus, you can have all your jewelry pieces housed together safely in this unconventional and quirky but highly interesting jewelry box.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

3) Mele Angel Girl’s Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box (Wooden)

Mele Angel Girl's Wooden Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box with Fashion Paper OverlayMele Angel Girl's Wooden Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box with Fashion Paper OverlayThis one is a must-buy for all girls who like timeless classic music as it plays the famous ‘Waltz of the Flowers’ by Tchaikovsky. This jewelry box is a bit more ornate as it comes with a fashion paper overlay complete with a pair of pink ballet slippers and delicate ribbons and flowers! The interior side of the lid comes with a mirror for easy viewing when you’re putting on the jewelry.

The hinged lid and the base of this fine musical jewelry box ballerina is slightly larger than its body, which makes it look like a miniature house. The box comes with two drawers, each decorated with a metallic silver knob. There’s also an additional storage space on top, right below the lid. To match the pink and girly theme of the jewelry box, its interior is hand lined with high quality fabric that resembles suede, and it is in pink color too.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

4) Ballerina Treasure Music Box

Ballerina Treasure Music BoxIf you want to buy a quality kids music jewelry box then this is the one to go for. The ‘Swan Lake’ music played by the box goes perfectly with the twirling ballerina figure on the topmost compartment. Once you open the lid, a mirror is revealed and the ballerina pops up and starts pirouetting to the music. Touted as a musical treasure box, this one comes with a large drawer in front and two smaller drawers on the side for smaller jewelry items. There is also an additional ‘secret’ drawer at the back of the box.

It is quite evident that a lot of effort has went into the designing of the box as it features beautiful and detailed ballerina artwork all over. The golden clasp on the lid and the golden drawer knobs along with the velvet-flocked pink paper lining on the inside render a touch of opulence to the jewelry box.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

5) Horse Ranch Music Box by Enchantmints

Horse Ranch Music BoxHorse Ranch Music BoxAll girls would love to have a jewelry musical box for entertainment purpose and for storing all their jewelry safely and securely inside them. If you’re bored of the endless ballerina musical jewelry boxes for girls then you should get this one by Enchantmints since it features horses.

Equestrian lovers will definitely love the stunningly eye-catching artwork of the box, which features horses on a farm and of course the rearing horse figurine inside that comes to live when the box is open and the ‘My Old Kentucky Home’ music starts playing. If you want to hear the music again then you just need to wind up the key at the back and the box would start playing the music all over again.

The jewelry box is quite colorful as the artwork on its body features attractive washes of colors. This functional box comes with two small drawers on the side, a large drawer in front and a large storage compartment on top.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

6) Asian Mother of Pearl Laquer Wooden Musical Jewelry Case with Crane Design

Mother of Pearl Asian Lacquer Wooden Black Bird Music Jewelry Case Trinket Keepsake Treasure Gift Box Organizer with Crane DesignMother of Pearl Asian Lacquer Wooden Black Bird Music Jewelry Case Trinket Keepsake Treasure Gift Box Organizer with Crane DesignThis product is the perfect combination of grandeur and a jewelry box that plays music. Unlike the common jewelry box pink with a dancing ballerina, this one is of sleek black color and it features Mother of Pearl design on top and on the side.

The iridescent Mother of Pearl design is definitely the most eye-catching feature of the product; this has been laid on the box using the traditional Korean inlay technique for Mother of Pearl that is more than a thousand years old! Sticking to its roots, the box plays ‘Arirang’, a popular Korean folk song about the longing for one’s lover.

This sleek black jewelry box opens up to reveal two drawers: a small pop-up one on top and a larger drawer at the bottom. These are quite spacious and can hold a lot of jewelry and accessories. The drawers are lined with bright red velvet, which is the perfect contrast to the dark black color of the wood.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

7) Religious Decorative Jewel Lid Jewelry Box Music

Religious Decorative Jewel Lid Musical Music Jewelry BoxReligious Decorative Jewel Lid Musical Music Jewelry BoxBiblical quotes and jewelry box musical may not seem to be a likely combination but this product by Cottage Garden combines the two in the most beautiful way. Proverbs Chapter 31, verse 29 and 30 states that “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.” This is quite an empowering statement, and it is printed in bold on the lid of this silver finish jewelry box.

The bejeweled lid with turquoise, blue and white stones framing the Biblical quote is definitely a treat for the eyes. Since the quote is kept inside a photo frame, you can also have it replaced with a picture of your liking; that is the beauty of having a picture frame jewelry box!

Since this is a jewelry music box therefore it plays the song ‘On Eagles Wings’. The black velvet lining on the inside goes well with the brushed silver finish of the box. On the inside the box also features a see-through panel for its music mechanism.   Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

8) Ballet Class Music Box by Enchantmints

Enchantmints Ballet Class Music BoxEnchantmints Ballet Class Music BoxThis masterpiece from Enchantmints definitely stands out from the sea of jewelry boxes for little girls available in the market currently because of its beautiful artwork and featured color palette. Featuring three ballerinas in a class standing by the pole and beautiful pink girly ribbons against a striped pink background, the jewelry box is definitely something that can brighten and liven up your vanity area.

Apart from being a decorative item, the box can also be used for storing jewelry items. This is a great product for encouraging little girls to be organized and neat as it allows them to neatly stash away their jewelry items in the drawers and compartment of the box. The dancing ballerina figure and the ‘Fur Elise’ music that plays when the box is open will definitely grab the attention of little girls and make them drawn to the box. Thus, your girls will consider this work of art as a precious memento and it would be cherished for years to come.    Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

9) Italian Burlwood Finish Jewel Lid Jewelry Box Music

My Wish for You Inspirational Italian Style Burlwood Finish Decorative Jewel Lid Musical Music Jewelry Box - Plays EdelweissSometimes you do not need a fancy jewelry box with various jewelry box music box parts because a simple jewelry box like this one can take the cake! This dark Italian style burl-wood finish music jewelry box comes with a decorative multi-colored jeweled lid. The lid features a photo frame, therefore if you do not like the beautiful message on it then you can replace it with a picture that you prefer.

The regular rectangular shape of the box makes it easy to store a lot of jewelry inside it. The velvet lining of the interior protects your precious jewelry items and prevent them from getting scratched. There is also a section inside which features the music mechanism with a glass façade to cover it, thus enabling you to watch the mechanism in action when it plays the ‘Edelweiss’ song. This is definitely the product to go for if you’re not into girly and gaudy pink musical jewelry boxes.   Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

10) Ballet Heart Shape Music Box by Enchantmints

Enchantmints Ballet Heart Shape Music BoxDon’t have a lot of space on your vanity dressing table for a humungous jewelry box music? No need to fret because you can always invest in the cute and compact ballet heart-shaped jewelry box. This heart-shaped pink ballerina jewelry box is great for storing the bare essentials when it comes to jewelry.

This can be considered as a starter’s jewelry box because it is perfect for kids since they usually don’t have a large collection of jewelry to cram in their jewelry box! The artwork of a little ballerina girl on top holding a bouquet of flowers is bound to excite the kids too.

Do not underestimate this jewelry box because despite its small size, it still comes with a dainty spinning Ballerina and plays the classic music ‘Swan Lake’ when it is opened. Moreover, it is also quite sturdy and durable despite of not being made out of wood or metal. Last but not least, the box is pocket friendly as well, which of course is always a good thing.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

11) Espresso Jewelry Ring Box (Wooden)

Espresso Wooden Jewelry Ring BoxThere are far too many musical jewelry boxes with ballerina that are dedicated to large jewelry. If you are hunting for something particularly for holding your rings then your search ends with the Espresso Wooden jewelry box!

You can open the see-through lid to store your rings in the multiple small sections in the space just below the lid. The see-through display of the lid makes it easy for you to view all your rings at a glance so that you can mix and match conveniently as per your outfit! There are also two drawers beneath it for storing other larger jewelry pieces. Just like the ring compartment, these drawers are sectioned as well to keep everything well-organized.

Apart from the dark wood appearance, the golden knobs and hinges provide an ornate touch to this sophisticated jewelry box. Of course, the light grey faux suede lining inside also adds oomph to the product.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

12) I Know What Love Is.. Decorative Jewel Music Jewelry Box

Decorative Jewel Musical Music Jewelry Box I Know What Love is Because of You Decorative Jewel Musical Music Jewelry Box - Plays You Light Up My LifeQuotes on love is always a hit amongst people. However, this one is not just another jewelry box with music and a mushy quote, it is actually doubles up as a personalized musical jewelry box because you can have the quote picture replaced with your own picture (a 6×4 inch one). To go with the romantic theme, the musical box plays ‘You Light Up My Life’ song when opened.

While the brushed silver exteriors and the velvet-lined interiors is quite attractive, what really makes this jewelry box a cut above the rest is its bejeweled frame which surrounds the removable picture. The cushioned feet of the jewelry box prevent scratches on the surface it is placed and also echoes the fact that a lot of attention has gone into the finer details of the box! The box is quite sturdy and it looks very classy and expensive, which is why it makes a great gift as well.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

13) Seya’s Children Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box (Wooden)

Childrens Wooden Musical Ballerina Jewelry BoxChildrens Wooden Musical Ballerina Jewelry BoxTired of the same brown and dark brown wooden jewelry boxes? How about breaking through the stereotype with a stark white jewelry box with soft pink faux suede inner lining? The gorgeous finish of this ballerina jewelry music box is definitely its top USP.

On lifting up the lid of the jewelry box, you will find a large mirror and a ballerina figure spinning about to the music of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. The first section of the box, i.e. the compartment right below the lid is very useful as it comes with dividers and ring rolls, to keep all your jewelry separated and organized. The two pull-out sectioned drawers underneath this section offer added storage space for your jewelry.

This is a fairly large musical jewelry box for girls so you can store a lot of jewelry in it without cramping them or piling them up thanks to the useful sections or dividers. Thus, you can bid farewell to tangled jewelry because this box keeps everything in order so that you can easily pick them up when you require them.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

14) Seya Cherry Wooden Jewelry Box With Locking Facility

Seya Cherry Wooden Jewelry Box with Lock and KeyIf you do not just want a cute jewelry box but rather one that is functional and worth the investment then Seya Cherry Wooden jewelry box would fit the bill. This one is a spacious jewelry box that would surely be the star of your vanity table as it comes with three drawers, two swing-out doors on the side and a top compartment. What’s more, the lid also comes with hooks and mini-pockets for additional storage.

Each of the two swing-out doors on the side comes with five hooks, which can be used for holding necklaces, bangles or small bracelets. The hooks on the lid can also be used for the same purpose. The drawers are sectioned into compartments of different sizes, thereby allowing you to keep jewelry pieces of all sizes in it.

The dark-brown espresso finish of the wooden jewelry box is contrasted by the lovely tan colored faux suede on the inside. Apart from the ample amount of storage areas, the other USP of this girls jewelry box is its lock feature, which locks the top and side doors only, not the drawers.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

15) Prima Ballerina Music Box by MK and Company

MK and Company Music Box, Prima BallerinaYou can never go wrong with the classic music jewelry box with ballerina when it comes to storing your trinkets and jewelry items! Hand-designed by Mary Kate Fleming, the popular children’s clothing designer, this jewelry box is the quintessential girl jewelry box musical that all little girls crave for.

Once you have wound up the key of the jewelry box, you can open it up to hear the soothing ‘Dance of the sugar plum fairy’ music. The miniature ballerina that does perfect pirouettes complements the music perfectly! Don’t forget that this isn’t just a musical box, but a jewelry box too. Therefore, you can keep all your jewelry items in the two large drawers and the topmost sectioned compartment of the box.

This is not your average jewelry box with musical ballerina because it is a whole lot sturdier and more creative. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is a lasting treasure that would be cherished for years to come. Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

16) Hideaway Horse Music Box by Enchantments

Enchantments Hideaway Horse Music BoxAre you tired of the same old dancing ballerina jewelry box? How about buying something that is not pink or girly for a change? This music jewelry box by Enchantments is a favorite amongst those who love horses. The cute white horse figurine inside the box replaces the traditional ballerina and the exteriors of the box also features an artwork comprising of horses and a farm. To add a luxurious touch to the box, its interiors are lined with taupe velvet flocked paper.

This is not your typical jewelry box because it does not come with regular rectangular drawers. Rather, this box features four ‘hideaway’ drawers that are situated in all four corners of the box at different heights. You can use these hideaway drawers for storing jewelry items like earrings, bracelets, rings and pretty much any accessory that can fit inside it! The enjoyable ‘My Old Kentucky Home’ music played by the box is definitely the icing on the cake.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

17) Ballet School Music Box by Enchantmints

Enchantmints Ballet School Music BoxEnchantmints Ballet School Music BoxThis is yet another girls musical jewelry box which is pink and decorated with ballerinas on its body, but it is quite different from the rest because of its design. Comprising of four ‘hideaway’ drawers in four corners of the box and of course a large empty compartment at the top, this one is a uniquely cut out box. There is also an inside mirror that comes with the box along with the dancing ballerina figurine of course.

The gentle wash of colors, particularly dominated by the color pink, of the outside body is complimented by its inside, which is a light pink velvet-flocked paper lining. When wound up the box plays the music of ‘Swan Lake’. Little girls simply love this box because of its attractive design and the fact that it stands out from the crowd in terms of its drawer shape. Thus, the musical box is perfect for storing all of their little treasures.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

18) Brushed Silver Finish Decorative Jewelry Box Music with Jewel Lid

Mother The Most Precious Gift In The World Brushed Silver Finish Decorative Jewel Lid Musical Music Jewelry Box - Plays Wind Beneath My WingsMother The Most Precious Gift In The World Brushed Silver Finish Decorative Jewel Lid Musical Music Jewelry Box - Plays Wind Beneath My Wings Unlike other jewelry music boxes for children, this one is a custom music jewelry box that can be a great present for mothers as it comes with the phrase “Mother – The Most Precious Gift in The World” on its bejeweled lid. Since this is a 4×6 inch photoframe, therefore you can also have the phrase replaced with one of your photographs, thereby making it a personalized jewelry box.

The brushed silver body of the box goes great with the jewels on the lid, which surrounds the photo in the form of a photo frame. The insides of this box is lined with velvet paper. What’s unique about its design is that it offers a transparent glass panel inside the box, so you can peep into it in order to see how the music mechanism works. Thus, you can watch this mechanism live when playing the song ‘Wind beneath my wings’.

This one is a great addition to your dressing table as well. Considering its cushioned feet, you can rest assured that it wouldn’t scratch any surface.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

19) Italian Style Burlwood Finish Perfect Daughter Jewelry Box Music

Perfect Daughter Italian Style Burlwood Finish Decorative Jewel Lid Musical Jewelry Box - Plays What a Wonderful WorldEven though this is a rectangular jewelry box that does not come with a dancing ballerina or a figurine inside, it is still a  jewelry box with music. This high quality storage box for jewelry and other accessories comes with a beautiful quote on ‘Daughter’ on its lid. The box boasts of the exquisite Brushed Amber Burlwood finish and its lid comes with a jewel frame that surrounds the picture. You can also have the picture taken one and keep something of your liking in its place.

This decorative and elegant jewelry box music plays the song ‘What a Wonderful World’ when opened. Just like the other jewelry boxes that play music from Cottage Garden, this one too features a panel for the music mechanism on the side of its inside container. It comes with a glass top so that one can see this music device in action when it is playing music.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

20) Irish Love Loyalty Claddagh Music Jewelry Box by Cottage Garden

Cottage Garden Irish Love Loyalty Claddagh Woodgrain Music Box And Jewelry Box Plays That is an Irish LullabyThis one is a slightly different music jewelry box by Cottage Garden because it does not feature the jeweled lid, but rather a carved wooden one with the Claddagh picture on top stating ‘Love. Loyalty. Friendship’ below it. If you’re a fan of the Irish Claddagh then you can use this box as is otherwise you can have the Irish Love picture replaced with one of your own.

To go with the Irish theme of the box, the Irish Lullaby ‘Ra Loo Ra’ plays when the box is opened. You can easily see how the musical instrument moves when playing this song by peering into the transparent panel on the side of the storage section.

The storage section of the box does not come with any divisions or compartments, therefore you have the liberty of keeping large jewelry pieces in it as well. The box is quite a sturdy one therefore it is going to last for a very long time to come and prove to be a great investment. Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

21) Musical Jewelry Box by Cottage Garden – ‘You’ll Never Know How Much You Mean to Me’

You will Never Know How Much You Mean to Me Musical Music Jewelry Box - Plays What a Wonderful WorldA vintage musical jewelry box that does not just attracts the eyes but also tugs at the heartstrings thanks to its sentimental quote “You’ll Never Know How Much You Mean to Me”, this one is a definite hit amongst young and old alike. The song ‘What a Wonderful World’ that plays when the box is opened is apt considering its concept and design.

The lid features the removable photo of the quote that is lined with a jewel border. On opening the box, the first thing that you’ll notice is the music mechanism on the inside. Since there is a glass panel over it, therefore it makes it easy for you to view the device in action.

All in all, this one is a nice investment to make for your jewelry pieces because it enables you to store everything securely in one place. If you have been looking for a jewelry box that would add glamor to the vanity dressing table then you don’t need to look further than this product. You surely would not be disappointed with your decision.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

Jewelry Box Music – The Bottom Line

Jewelry boxes offers the best of both worlds: It protects your jewelry and provide a secure storage space and it also offers the entertainment value of a music box. Thus, you can consider getting some musical jewelry boxes yourself if you have a large collection of jewelry and accessories.

The bottom line is that there are plenty of jewelry boxes out there in the market, therefore even the fussiest consumer would be able to find something of his/her liking. In fact, you will also be able to find men’s jewelry box in the sea of options too. So take some time out and browse through the options you have to find the ones that appeal to you.

These storage boxes would also make great gifts for others, especially little girls. After all, the jewelry box music is a great way of encouraging them to be more neat and organized with their belongings, right from a young age. If you would like to know more about me  Click here. You can use the contact me page for questions or comments.

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  2. My daughter always wanted to play with the music boxes with Jewelry and I bought her a Childhood Memories Pink Ballerina Jewelry Box by Lenox. The box is charming and she loves to play with it.

  3. My nephew likes a try out various music jewelry boxes. I gifted here Musical Jewelry Box by Cottage Garden and she loves it. Amazing review collections though here..

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