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Do you wish to organize your jewelry so that they become easier to store and access when required? If you aren’t a fan of having your jewelry just hanging around on a jewelry rack, either on the wall or over the door then you can consider getting yourself a jewelry armoire black. An armoire or a mini cupboard is a great solution when it comes to storing and organizing jewelry pieces because they do not just keep the dust out but also keeps them safe, away from intruders and people entering the room.

Jewelry armoires are popular options for storage of all kinds of jewelry, be it necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings and so on. A chic armoire can also add the ‘glam’ factor to your room in addition to housing your jewelry safely. Moreover, these come in umpteen designs, therefore it is possible to have one that suits your preferences and the theme of the room it is placed in. Thus, if you have the space for it then you should consider getting a jewelry armoire for yourself because it is a worthwhile buy.

1) Plaza Astoria Wall/Door Mount Jewelry Armoire

Plaza Astoria Wall Or Door-Mount Jewelry Armoire, Black jewelry Armoire Black

Plaza Astoria Wall Or Door-Mount Jewelry Armoire, Black 3 a

If you’re looking for a black mirror jewelry armoire then this is the one to go for. Manufactured by Plaza Astoria, this jewelry armoire offers the best of both worlds as it is made out of a combination of wood and metal. It can be a smart addition to your room as it is capable of mounting itself firmly onto a door or wall. It comes with a template which makes the task of drilling the holes on to the wall or door easier, thus you don’t have to break a sweat when it comes to its installation.

Weighing just over twenty two pounds, this one is perfect for housing all your jewelry collections. The quality of the mirror on this armoire is very good and its door also shuts tightly. This armoire is a worthwhile investment as it is not a flimsy piece of furniture, but rather one that is built to last for ages, safely holding all your precious jewelry inside it.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

2) Black Mirrored jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Stand by Best Choice Products

Black Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire W Stand Mirror Rings, Necklaces, BraceletsIf over the door jewelry armoire and wall mounted jewelry armoire aren’t your cup of tea and you wish to go for a more unique design then this item would surely not disappoint you. On first glance it may look like a regular standing mirror but on closer inspection you’ll find that it opens up to reveal a cabinet complete with hooks, racks and small drawers for storing your jewelry items.

You can put anything inside it from bracelets to necklaces to rings. All these would be segregated into different sections, thus making it easier to access your jewelry items. Thus, you wouldn’t fly into a rage when you’re choosing the accessories and jewelry to go with your outfit.

The adjusting or titling design of the mirror on the outside allows you to adjust it as per your liking. Made out of good quality wood, the European modern design of the furniture will definitely hit the right note with consumers.   Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

3) Jewelry Cabinet Armoire Black Mirrored for Rings, Bracelets and Necklaces

Black Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Amoire W Stand Mirror Rings, Necklaces, BraceletsBlack Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Amoire W Stand Mirror Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets

A solid wood jewelry armoire is a great investment because it is going to last you for a long time. This one made out of hardwood, wood veneer, MDF and glass, is more so a good investment for several reasons. The cabinet armoire has a discreet design in the sense that it looks just like a regular mirrored stand but it opens up to reveal a hidden cabinet for storing jewelry. The overall inside armoire dimensions are quite large, so you can store a lot of necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc in there.

The black mirrored armoire is adjustable as it is kept on a tilt frame. The anti-tarnish felt lining inside protects the jewelry. For highly valuable jewelry pieces, the two highly functional drawers provided at the bottom can be used. All in all, this jewelry armoire is a great investment considering how it can double up as a beautiful piece of furniture for your room.   Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

4) BTExpert Premium Handmade Wooden Over Door/Wall Mount Jewelry Armoire

BTEXPERT Premium Hand Made Wooden Jewelry Armoire Cabinet Wall mount a            BTEXPERT Premium Hand Made Wooden Jewelry Armoire Cabinet Wall mount bIf you have a white or a light pastel-colored room then a black mirror jewelry armoire is going to look very good in it as it will provide a sheer contrast. Moreover, black armoires look quite elegant in general. This premium handmade wooden armoire can be mounted on a wall or over a door to save some space in the room. It is perfect for organizing all your jewelry and keeping them in one place.

This elegant and stylish jewelry armoire black comes with shelves having 16 compartments for segregating your jewelry, a rod for hanging ties, bracelets and scarves, two drawers for keeping expensive accessories and a pouch for holding delicate jewelry pieces. Thus, you will never have your jewelry cluttered when you invest in this product. It is large enough to store as many as 110 earrings and 40 necklaces or bracelets! All in all, it is a great jewelry organizer that is worth the investment.   Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

5) Over the Door or Wall Mounted Cherry Jewelry Closet Organizer Armoire

Over Door Mirror Armoire

Why would you want to construct a DIY jewelry armoire when you can purchase a contemporary jewelry armoire like this one for cheap? Even though this armoire comes with an inexpensive price tag, it is quite impressive as it has a sturdy construction and a good design. Thus, price is not always a true indicator of quality.

Your search for a sturdy mirrored furniture ends here because this model provides a full-length mirror that is shatterproof! You can hang it securely over the door of your room or mount it up on a wall. Made completely out of wood, this jewelry armoire is a great way of storing your jewelry collection. You can store up to 26 necklaces, 96 rings and 48 pair of earrings inside this closet organizer armoire. Since it keeps everything organized and well-displayed, therefore you will not have trouble trying to locate any jewelry piece that you may need.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

6) Wall Mounted Black Jewelry Mirrored Cabinet from Homegear

Homegear Wall Mounted Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet BlackHomegear Wall Mounted Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Black

Sometimes a simplistic black jewelry armoire mirror is all that you need because it is functional and it increases the aesthetic appeal of the room with its minimalistic contemporary armoire look. The wall mounted mirrored jewelry cabinet by Homegear is one such example. The minimalistic design of this jewelry armoire black offers one more advantage: it makes it easier to clean the cabinet.

This one can be mounted sturdily on a door or a wall. Its interiors are felt-lined for giving extra protection to the jewelry pieces. You can use it for keeping everything in place from your jewelry items to your watches to perfumes! As long as the item is small and can fit inside the armoire, you can have it stored in this beautiful jewelry armoire furniture. It can hold up to 80 rings, 60 earrings, 24 necklaces and many more. Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

7) Contemporary Jewelry Armoire

Contemporary Jewelry Armoire a.jpgContemporary Jewelry Armoire a.jpgEver wanted to own a tall jewelry armoire that has a contemporary design? This one would fit the bill perfectly. The dark green inner lining of this armoire is a refreshing change from the conventional black color. Moreover, apart from protecting the jewelry from scratches, the inner lining helps the jewelry stand out better, irrespective of whether it is a silver, gold or copper one. This jewelry armoire comes in a dark nearly black espresso finish and features six drawers, two side compartments with hooks for necklaces, ties or scarves and of course a hidden mirror on the top.

The product is a very functional jewelry organizer that is just right if space is of the essence for you. This unique piece of furniture with its simple design and understated elegance is sure to bowl you over. Moreover, its sturdy construction enables it to last for decades, safely holding your jewelry pieces inside it.   Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

8) Black Mirrored Floor Standing Armoire by OrganizedLifeOrganizedlife Black Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire Floor Standing

There is something very elegant about this full length mirror jewelry armoire that makes it look so majestic! This free standing jewelry armoire is a great buy for those who have large rooms. The full length mirror of the armoire makes it a perfect companion for your dressing too. Moreover, the mirror can be adjusted along the four default levels.

The armoire is perfect for storing all your beauty essentials and jewelry items. It comes with a lock too, thereby making it a highly secure armoire. Measuring about 18.5 inches deep, 58 inches in height and 16 inches in width, this model can hold a lot of items inside it. As far as compartments are concerned, this armoire comes with a ring holder that can hold up to 91 rings, 12 hooks for holding long necklaces, 36 hooks for bracelets, 8 lines of earring holders that are capable of holding up to 72 pairs of earrings, six wooden shelves, a solid wood rod for holding bracelets and scarves and 2 drawers right at the bottom for valuable accessories. Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

9) Ebony Black Jewelry Armoire by Powell

Powell Ebony Jewelry ArmoireIs a hanging jewelry armoire inconvenient for you? In that case you should invest in this ebony black jewelry armoire. Its functional design makes it look just like a chest of drawers but it is so much more! It comes with two swing doors on either sides that is fixed with hooks on the inside to hold long necklaces. Each door can hold up to five necklaces. At the top of the drawers, there is a flip top that comes with an inset mirror.

The armoire offers six drawers in total, out of which four are shallow drawers and the remaining two are deep ones. The plush black 100% rayon lining on the inside does a great job at protecting the jewelry and preventing it from tarnishing. Thus if you have been hunting for an anti tarnish jewelry armoire that doesn’t break the bank then you don’t need to look any further than this model.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

10) Premium Full Size Cheval Mirror Black Jewelry Armoire by BTExpert

Btexpert Premium Full Size Cheval Mirror Black Wood Jewelry Armoire Cabinet Stand Box with Lock

If you often end up losing or misplacing them your jewelry and struggle with hunting for the desired jewelry item out of a pile of jewelry then you should invest in a black armoire wardrobe. This type of furniture is a savior because it holds all your jewelry pieces together in one place, in a segregated or organized fashion and also protects it from dust! This stylish Cheval Mirror jewelry armoire by BTExpert does not take a lot of space and its soft finish will complement any room it is kept in.

This one is a big jewelry armoire as it comes with 16 compartments, a rod, two drawers and a pouch. It displays all the jewelry pieces very well, therefore you don’t have to face the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ issue with your jewelry pieces anymore! Made from classic wood veneer and hardwood, you can rest assured that this one will last you for a long time, therefore you don’t need to think twice before investing in this useful piece of furniture.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

11) Oxford Lift Top Jewelry Armoire – 8 Drawers

Oxford Lift Top Jewelry ArmoireOxford Lift Top Jewelry Armoire

This girls jewelry armoire would help bring in some kind of organization into your life, even if it is on the jewelry and accessories front! The fully assembled life top wood jewelry armoire is one of the best picks out of the many popular solid wood jewelry armoires available in the market currently.

This one is quite large as it comes with eight drawers. The first four drawers on top are shallow and meant for storing small jewelry items whereas the bottom four drawers are quite deep and are intended for storage of large jewelry items.

The two side doors on either side of the armoire are fitted with double rows of hooks, thereby enabling you to hold a large number of necklaces. The icing on the cake is the lift-top storage area which also features a handy mirror! If you have a large jewelry collection then this is the armoire to invest in.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

12) Coaster Five Drawer Jewelry Armoire in Black

Coaster Five Drawer Jewelry Armoire in BlackAn oriental jewelry armoire is a wonderful addition to your room because it is a treat to look at and it serves the purpose of holding together all your jewelry in a single place. This stylish black armoire is surely not going to disappoint you thanks to its classic and functional design. Its inherent sophistication has an old world charm to it, thereby providing the furniture with a lasting appeal. Thus, this one is not your regular jewelry storage armoire.

The jewelry armoire black comes in a semi-arranged form, therefore you will need to assemble it after it has arrived to your house. The armoire offers four black finish doors, a lower drower and a lift top mirrored storage space. You can use it for storing all kinds of jewelry items from necklaces to rings to bracelets to earrings.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

13) Coaster 900139 Jewelry Armoire with Flip-Top Mirror

Coaster 900139 Jewelry Armoire with Flip-Top Mirror, BlackIf you want to add an old world charm to your room then you simply need to keep an antique jewelry armoire in it and your goal would be accomplished in the best possible manner! This large jewelry armoire comes with an affordable price tag and it is a great place for housing your jewelry items. Thus, you will never misplace your trinkets and accessories again thanks to this beautiful armoire.

There are five center drawers in this one, three shallow and two deep. Each of the drawers is fitted with a cute silver-colored floral knob that makes the armoire look even more ornate! Apart from this, it comes with two side door cabinet for storing long necklaces. For small items like rings or other jewelry pieces that you want to access quickly, the storage space on top would be quite handy. There is also a mirror on the flip top flap of the armoire.  Click Here To Buy From Amazon..

Bottom Line: Jewelry Armoire Black

Modern jewelry armoire is one of the best investments you can make for your room. If your jewelry box is overflowing with your accessories and it can no longer hold everything conveniently then upgrading to a jewelry armoire black would be a smart move. There are so many black jewelry armoires out there online as well as in physical stores, therefore you will be spoilt for choice as to which to choose when you’re shopping for a jewelry armoire for your room.

If you love your jewelry and accessories to pieces then you will find that having a jewelry armoire in your room to be quite beneficial. This type of furniture will not just keep all your jewelry organized in a neat fashion but also protect them from dust so that they would not tarnish or lose their luster quickly. Thus, with so many reasons to invest in a jewelry armoire, you should definitely invest in one to find out what you’re missing out on and jewelry armoire black  are one of the famous picks for many people, because of its aesthetics.

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  1. Armoire, That Too Black ones are my favorites. They not look look neat, but are elegant and enhance the look of the surrounding. No doubt, it is a great way to showcase the jewelry and can protect them as well. Powel Ebony is the one I am planning to buy next time.. The immense number (specifically 6) of drawers, attracts me, as I have to lot to store..

  2. Black color is always my favorite and when I buy Jewelry armoire for my storage, I do get black. Earlier I used to white one, but it has problem of getting dirt soon..

  3. I always want to showcase jewelries in a wooden frame. For me the choice is Best Choice Products, Black Mirrored Armoire With A Stand. It has a stunning look and has wide area for display.

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