Jewelry and Gemstone Care & Cleaning Tips

Diamond is the hardest gemstone, but if you do not treat it properly, then your jewelry may scratch and dull. The best way to clean the jewelry is to bring it to a jeweler and cleaned professionally there. However, you also can clean it by yourself with simple ways that may be available in your home. You can follow some of the tips below when you want to clean jewelry and gemstone at home.

Using Mineral Water

The first easy way to clean up your diamond and jewelry is by using water and a small cloth. This is the first alternative when you think that your jewelry is not too dirty. However, if you think that it is difficult, then you can choose another way.

Using Soda Water

The second easy way to clean your jewelry is to use soda water. Soaking the diamond into the soda water will be able to provide a brighter sheen on your diamond. Just simply soak your diamond on the glass of soda water overnight. After one night, you can see your diamond will look shiny without reducing the value of the diamond.

Using Denture Cleanser

Your diamond looks dull? Do not worry because denture cleanser can be used to restore the luster of your diamond. You only need to dissolve a denture cleaning tablet in a glass of water, and then soak your diamond jewelry into it for several minutes. Lift your diamond jewelry and rinse. If it still looks dirty, then you can try a few more times. This method is quite effective and is often done by some owners of the jewelry.

Using Toothpaste

In addition to denture cleanser, it seems that the toothpaste can also be used to clean the diamond jewelry and makes it sparkle again. Just put a little toothpaste on a toothbrush and brush your diamond jewelry slowly. After that, clean the remnants of the toothpaste on your jewelry with a soft damp cloth.

Using Glass cleaner

The last option if you want to clean up your jewelry at home is by using glass cleaner. Glass cleaner can also be used to clean diamond and other gemstones like ruby, sapphire, and more. You only need to spray glass cleaner on your old toothbrush, and then wash your diamond jewelry to make it sparkle again. But do not use glass cleaner to clean gemstones with blurred colors like opal, or organic gems such as pearls because it will make it change into black color.

Using Vodka

Another option in order to clean our gemstone and jewelry is using vodka. Vodka is the secret weapon to clean diamonds, gemstones other crystals, as well as other various types of gemstone in the case of emergency. The way is to dip a cloth into the vodka, and then rub it into your diamond for a few minutes. After that, you will get back the diamond sparkles as usual.

In summary, sometimes you do not realize that your jewelry looks so dirty and dull. Therefore, you have to clean it up immediately. If you cannot bring it to a jeweler, then you can clean it by yourself using some tips above.