How to Match Rings and Manicures?

Women suffer from a dilemma while matching manicures and their engagement ring. They can’t just pick random color for their manicure. It’s because each shade works differently with the jewelry, especially the ring. To help deciding and visualizing the options, you can read more ring/manicure pairings as inspiration in this article. The options below will help you to fulfill effortless and glamorous combination of ring and manicures for engagement.

Classic French Manicure

It’s impossible to refuse the beauty of French manicure. It provides timeless, smart, neat, and sophisticated ambience. If you show off this style, there will be no regret during your engagement day. French nail polish is perfect and recognizable. It never goes out of style. The best pair for this manicure is traditional engagement ring. You can choose dazzling platinum ring combined with diamond. The shiny and clear pink color of your nails becomes perfect combination for your simple traditional diamond ring.

Vampire Style Red Talons

Vampire manicure style is flirty and fun. Bloody red nails are superb. This color works perfectly to boost the cool and retro appearance of the bride. Yet, you should pick glossy coat to protect the nails from chipping. It enhances the beauty shade as well. Before you combine this manicure style, always conduct experiment first. You can try different shapes to find the perfect one. As complementary, your engagement ring should be a little bit showy. Halo design and platinum ring is the best choice. The ring should be elegant.

Cool Metallic Nails

If you love to create showy appearance during the engagement party, metallic and sparkly nails are incredible to wear. It provides celebrity impression for you. Yellow gold colors over white platinum metals are quite astonishing. It truly compliments your bold preference. This chic style of manicure may suit perfectly with 19k gold ring band. It should be secure and tight. Simplicity and sleek curves becomes the major benefits from the combination.

Cute Princess Manicure

You can go cute and girly during engagement party. The nail polish should be pinks and peaches. First, choose the proper base color. Later, you can put glitters or sparkling objects. Usually, professional trimmer is required to provide maximum and best result of the manicure. Diamante and crystals are appropriate additional for your girly manicure. They boost the awesomeness of your hand. In the aspect of the engagement ring, it should be standard. Heart-shaped diamond ring comes as the brilliant option.

Colorful Nail Polish

Another popular option is colorfully shaded nail polish. Blue is today’s favorite. If you want unique colors, lavender and cornflower blue are preferable. Women consider this option as quirky combination with their engagement ring. Blue sapphire and solitaire diamond work the best as your rings. You’ll stand out from the crowds by combining colorful nail polish with classic diamond ring.

Based on the options above, women can pick different combinations which can work better to their appearance. For example, they would choose velvet gold pieces to bring up the sex appeal. For the simple beauty, women choose minimalist engagement ring combined with ravishing red nail polish. The variation and combination is limitless.

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