Household Essentials 80-Pocket Hanging Jewelry White Vinyl

Jewelry Hanging OrganizerA perfect solution for women who are fed up of tangling, untangling their favorite pieces of jewelry, the Household Essentials 80-Pocket Hanging Jewelry and Accessories organizer stores all those precious ornaments and saves valuable time on last minute invites. Made of white vinyl with a cover of clear plastic, this hanging organizer makes jewelry storage child’s play.

Sleek and stylish at $14 this jewelry hanging organizer is an absolute steal. Sufficiently big (35 by 18 inches), it has eighty separate pockets (forty on each side) to house jewelry, kitchen knick knacks, bathroom accessories and kids stuff. In short, a complete package for the entire family.

A cute metal hanger ensures this clear jewelry organizer can be stashed anywhere in the house, behind the door, in the bathroom cabinet, on the kitchen wall and most commonly inside the closet. Pretty in white, it compliments most furnishings effortlessly

The pockets are covered with clear plastic, ensuring the items stay as good as new. The pockets are of considerable size and house small earrings as easily as large necklaces and big dial watches. Can also be used for makeup, buttons and other tiny things which may get easily misplaced. However, they do not have any zip or Velcro straps and remain open from the top.

This dainty little jewelry holder though has a few minor glitches. The pros and cons can be summed up as follows.


  • Perfect for storing small items like earrings which often get misplaced
  • All jewelry can be stored in different pockets without getting entangled.
  • Clear plastic covers enable you to choose a piece without taking all out.
  • Multipurpose, can store other kitchen and bathroom accessories as well.
  • Very affordable.
  • Hanger makes it versatile to place it anywhere in the house


  • Hanger is not very sturdy, may break if heavy items are stored.
  • Even small pieces can add up to create a large weight. If you want it to last longer be careful about what you store.
  • The pockets do not have any zip or Velcro for closure. So contents may get damaged with time, especially if placed outside a closet.

Final Verdict

With pros outweighing the cons, this wall hanging jewelry organizer is the perfect way to store little trinkets easily and economically. And the open pocket issue doesn’t really bother as long as you keep it away from dust or smoke (read kitchen). Plus it looks pretty too and saves significant seconds on the clock while getting dressed.

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