Homegear Wall Mounted Mirrored Jewelry Armoire Black

Homegear Wall Mounted Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet BlackThe Black Homegear Wall Mounted Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet is a rather stylish and elegant piece that serves both aesthetic and practical functions. With its sleek dark exterior, the Jewelry Armoire Black cabinet almost reminds us of an oversized smartphone but with the graciousness of a unique piece of furniture that can be used for both storage and as a mirror. Anyone that wants to add that extra something special to their home would have no problem buying this item. The latches are super discreet and do not break the overall outline which is a fantastic design feature.

This black jewelry armoire mirror cabinet can be mounted on the wall for convenience. A 4” to 6” door should easily carry it.
The hardware that comes with the product has mounts for both the wall and the door for your convenience.
The interior of the product is soft-felt lined. This enables it to be smooth and conformable to use in any home.

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Features and SpecificationsJewelry Armoire Black

  • The black mirrored jewelry cabinet comes with a ring holder that is capable of holding about 80 rings for you convenience.
  • The earrings order that comes with the product can hold up to 60 individual pieces depending on the arrangement that has been selected.
  • The armoire also has 24 hooks which can hold the requisite bracelets and necklaces depending on the general decor that has been chosen.
  • The product comes with shelves which can easily be used to store glasses, tumblers, watches and other precious object d’art in the home.
  • This cabinet is noted for its practicality in terms of how easy it is to clean. The nickel plating which covers the metal hardware is very practical and durable too.
  • The dimensions required are 47.2″ x 14.1″ for the cabinet while the Mirror is 43.7″ x 10.2″. The entire package weighs in at just about 23lbs.


Black Jewelry ArmoireThis jewelry mirror armoire cabinet is very spacious and yet practical. It is made from the finest material with the best design value from its work. The product also benefits from a relatively easy assemble and disassembly process which makes it convenient for those that have never had to mount a cabinet of this size.


Perhaps the downside to this mirrored cabinet is the angular design which may not suit all places. Moreover those with children or pets may find the glass rather delicate for normal use.

Customer Reviews and Scores

This product has been extremely well received. Of the 88 customers who wrote reviews, 85% gave four stars or more. Most commend the product for its practicality and design.


This is perhaps the latest in a series of products that aim to bring style to the home without losing the practical merits of owning such a great cabinet.

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