Coaster Five Drawer Jewelry Armoire in Black

Jewelry Armoire BlackThe Coaster Company never seems to disappoint me with their exceptional design, pure class and elegance. The epitome of all those three above can be found nowhere else apart from the exquisite Jewelry Armoire Black. The stylish and fine Armoire has been crafted out of the best solid wood and has a black finishing lining bring a great aesthetic look. The wood is also makes the armoire sturdy and firm. The spacious feature can also not be overlooked as it comes with four drawers inside with dimensions of 2inches deep and 12 inches across.

At the bottom it has a large drawer which is 5.5 inches deep and a6 inches in length. The inside drawers are also covered with a felt lining to cover and protect your precious jewelry. The Armoire is style grooved and will go a long way in ensuring that your jewelry is kept in a nice and organized way. This is the best Armoire that you will ever get in the market and you should hurry to get yourself one. The Armoire has an impressive outlook, design and can support a large variety of jewelry due to its spacious nature. The solid wood is also an added advantage in ensuring that the Armoire will give you quality services for a very long period of time.

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  • Spacious: jewelry storage is expansive and can hold a lot of jewelry.
  • Solid wood: the wood used in crafting the armoire makes it become long lasting and sturdy.
  • Beautiful: it has been aesthetically crafted to make it more glamorous and eye appealing.
  • Comes with four drawers at the top and a large one at the bottom, this makes it more versatile.
  • It measures 13*18*38 inches.
  • Weighs about 45 lbs.


  • The dimension enables saving of space and can be place in the bedroom without causing any distractions.
  • Spacious on the inside as it comes with a number of drawers.
  • Affordable compared to the quality services it offers.
  • Cool, nice and aesthetic.


  • Does not come with locks, hence compromising the safety of your jewelry.
  • Flimsy and the drawers tend to squeak after a prolonged use.


Jewelry Armoire Black is definitely the product to purchase. It’s excellent and quality services have made it become a favorite among clients in the jewelry industry. This can be clearly depicted at the look of results that clients are giving .There product has been reviewed by over 50 customers. Over 75% of the clients have given the product a positive rating of above 4 stars.


Personally, I think Coaster Five Drawer Black Jewelry Armoire is a worthwhile Armoire to own. Its quality and unmatched rival in the industry makes it a total hit compared to the minor drawbacks listed above.

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