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Black Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire With Stand Mirror

Black Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Amoire W Stand Mirror Rings, Necklaces, BraceletsGetting an amazing jewelry cabinet armoire will always work best for you. Interestingly, the Black Mirrored Cabinet Jewelry Armoire is the absolute choice that one can look at.

Designed and created by eHome Products, this great product has incorporated firm and sturdy material components that make it to possess high quality; it is made of MDF, hardwood, glass and wood veneer. Furthermore, the presence of the adjustable tilt frame perfectly supports the entire mirror. This makes it easily incline this mirrored furniture on the wall at different angles.

Black Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Amoire W Stand Mirror Rings, Necklaces, BraceletsApparently, the weight of this black mirrored jewelry armoire is great enough (about 36.1 pounds) to perfectly accommodate your entire jewelry organizers and different collections. This is also boosted by the product dimension of 52 x 20.7 x 7.5 inches that makes it to have a wide space for placing different jewelries such as necklaces, earrings and rings. Indeed, this high quality furniture has been designed to last long and give you the value for your money.

Best Black Jewelry Armoire mirror

This great product is an absolute choice that is incomparable to other alternatives. Some of the benefits associated with it include its simplicity to assemble (no extra tool needed), it contains a jewelry lock box that typical works very well. Besides, it appears classic and gorgeous once it is displayed onto the wall.

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Great space

This perfect jewelry armoire furniture has been designed to offer sufficient space for holding great tons of jewelry. One can go ahead and categorize different jewelries using the jewelry organizer and still be able to easily retrieve any of them.

Pretty and sturdy design

The appealing look that this black mirrored armoire displays is amazing and captivating. The material and design applied to give it an adjustable tilt frame makes it portray great quality formation. This will indeed give you the satisfaction needed.

Features and specifications

  • Nice looking piece made with great furniture with a great display
  • Big ton of storage space for different jewelry holders
  • Good quality formation
  • The size is perfect and can fit perfectly on a wall without strain
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Great weight to perfectly hold different jewelries


  • Holds huge amount of accessories and still more space left
  • Really easy to install and setup
  • No distortion of the image from the mirror
  • Sturdy nature makes it durable
  • Has amazing display that is pretty gorgeous


  • The mirror is fragile thus need proper care
  • Paint sometimes chip off

Customer Review and Scores

It is no doubt that customers are pleased with this black mirrored jewelry armoire black. From the total 263 reviews, it has been able to receive a top rating of 4.3/5. This proves that it is worth purchasing it and it is worth the money.


In summary, the black mirrored jewelry armoire has met specifications that make it the best for storing different jewelry accessories. This is in relation to its great design, amazing performance, space-efficient and great quality. Customers cannot be disappointed at all with this product.

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Best Choice Products Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire, Black

jewelry Armoire BlackIf you have lots of adornments in your vanity mirror, you might need a separate wardrobe to store them in. The black mirror jewelry armoire from Best Choice Products is perfect jewelry storage option, since it is large enough to mount your accessories. It also comes with a mirror so you can see yourself directly when wearing any of your jewelry.

It is constructed with a durable wood, which is not prone to wear and tear. Weighing about 29.1 pounds, there is no hassle when moving the mirrored furniture anywhere in your house. The color is black yet classy. If your room has hints of neutral colors, this jewelry organizer will complement it.

Sturdy Wood Construction

Made of a durable wood, the jewelry closet can stand the test of time. It looks very classy at a reasonable price, and what’s more, it is lightweight so you can move it anywhere you want to.

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Holds Lots of Accessories

The black armoire wardrobe can hold a number of bracelets, necklaces, hook earrings, stud earrings and many more. They are visible inside the cabinet so you can pick anything you need without problems at all.

Adjustable Mirror for Maximum Comfort

The black armoire can be tilted and adjusted according to your needs. Simply bend it up and down or adjust the mirror to get the perfect view of yourself.

Features And Specifications

  • It is not heavy enough so you can move it around wherever you want to.
  • It comes with adjusting and tilting design providing you the best reflection of yourself.
  • It is a perfect jewelry organizer to neatly place all your adornments/accessories.
  • It holds up to 91 rings and 64 pairs of earrings.
  • Comes with 48 necklace hooks, 1 bracelet rod, 2 cubbies, and 7-lined shelves.
  • Imported


  • There are different storages for different types of jewelry.
  • When the jewelries are stored, they won’t tangle and leave a mess.
  • Comes with a mirror to check oneself directly after deciding which jewelry to wear.
  • Adequate size mirror about 10 inch by 43 inch.


  • Mirror is made of plastic.

Customer Reviews And Scores

The black jewelry mirror has a superb, hefty organizer. Each accessory (for example, earrings) has its own storage so there will be no problems when it comes to taking it off and in the cabinet.

Many verified buyers said that the cabinet does not give them a problem whenever they want to store some jewels in. This is because it is spacious enough to accommodate a great deal of adornments. It gains 334 mixed comments but positives ones outweigh the negatives. It also gains 4.2 out of 5 stars- not bad for an inexpensive yet classy jewel storage furniture.


In summary, the Jewelry Armoire Black is a good jewelry closet to buy if you have lots of jewels or if you collect some. It has wide space inside and some shelves as well as hooks to hold all your accessories. It is made of a sturdy wood and the price is very affordable, which is worthwhile to buy.

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