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Just Solutions Hanglt Jewelry Organizer

jewelry hanging organizerGetting an amazing hanging jewelry organizer is a great boost to any individual wishing to perfectly place different jewelries. Apparently, there is a wide collection of different jewelry organizers in the market that one can choose from.

It is always crucial to ensure that certain specifications such as quality, efficiency, price and design have been taken into account. This will always result to an amazing selection. One such great product is Hanglt Jewelry Organizer that comes in black color. Its great design makes it outstanding to give any buyer the worth for the money.

Features And Specifications

1. Space-efficient

The Hanglt Jewelry Organizer is wide and spacious thus making it easier for one to organize different jewelries. Besides, each jewelry material (like earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets) is well-distanced from each other making them easy to retrieve any time. It also gives an individual an opportunity to categorize different jewelries in relation to their purpose (whether is for party, work or for a corporate event).It can also act as a jewelry wall organizer.

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2. Safe and secure

One will realize that this jewelry hanging organizer has applied a great technique against theft. Actually, it can be tucked safely in a closet or hidden under a shirt or jacket without being noticed. It can also be hanged alongside different clothing that match with its color as a tactic of keeping it safe.

3. Great balance

The amazing design applied in this jewelry organizer makes it to have perfect stability. This is mostly attributed to its weight and well-designed angles which make it balance well. One is assured of no sways or tip offs from this product. Besides, once the bracelets, necklaces and other jewelries have been hung, there is no need to re-clasp or unclasp them. It gives them a perfect fit and stability.

4. Strong design

This Hanglt Jewelry Organizer is a great product that is very sturdy and can support a great tone of earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Interestingly, it doesn’t show any sign of sagging once you have attached them. It perfectly gives them the required support. Besides, the jewelries appear really organized on it as the space occupied is efficient. This is indeed an absolute solution for anyone who is in love with jewelries.

Final Verdict

It is clear that this Just Solutions Jewelry Organizer is an excellent product with strong formations. It has proven to be convenient and useful when it comes to jewelry organizer hanging. It has made it easy to store, access and even arrange different jewelry without any form of difficulties. Besides, it comes at a cost that is affordable (at only $10.50). With all these amazing features, this jewelry organizer is worth purchasing..

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Classic Black Jewelry Hanger Stand For Earrings/ Necklaces/ Bracelets

jewelry hanging organizerLately, buying the best jewelry hanging organizer is something you have been giving some serious thoughts; you are not happy with some of your favorite pieces getting lost every single morning when you are about to leave for work. However, for an industry that is packed with tons and tons of designs and styles, you are now confused on what to go for. You have talked to a number of your friends about some of the best jewelry organizer ideas and all seem to suggest you go for Classic Black Jewelry Hanger Stand For Earrings/ Necklaces/ Bracelets.

Well, they are not wrong; this simple jewelry hanging stand is currently ranked among the best hanging jewelry organizers available on the market right now. To give you a glimpse of what it can mean to your and your precious pieces, here is a little bit about it.

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Features And Specifications

48 earring holes and 10 hooks
Ideal for commercial and home use
12.5’’ Width x 13.5’’Height and base feet measuring approximately 4.5’’ deep


Beautiful and quite useful

Looking at the way this jewelry organizer is been designed, it is bound to impress you at the first sight. It is one of the most beautiful and well crafted stands for holding all your precious pieces on your dressing table. For extra stability, this stand comes fully complete with hard welded legs. Plus, you can be fooled by its small size, but wait until you start using it; it can hold a considerable amount of jewelry pieces on it. It comes with 48 holes divided into four convenient rows just for your earrings and 100 hooks on the right side for necklaces.


Unlike other similar products, Classic Black Jewelry is one of the most versatile jewelry hanging stands you could lay you hands on today. It can be used in commercial building and homes as well. It does not even stop there; if you are shopping for a gift for your little girl or girlfriend; well, this could be it. It makes such a perfect gift for girls

Bottom line

With all that has been said about Classic Black Jewelry Hanger Stand, it is evident this product has managed to live true to its features. It is among the best in almost every category and will in a myriad of ways help you organized your earrings and bracelets in one f the most presentable manner. A great jewelry hanger is hard to come by, but this one does its job pretty well. It is highly recommended.

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Perfect Life Ideas Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Hanging Organizer 72 Pocket Closet Organizer For JewelryDo you have many pieces of jewelry in your house? Do you want to organize your pieces of jewelry? One of the best products you can buy to bring order in your house is Perfect life ideas hanging jewelry organizer. The cheap jewelry organizer boasts of see through pockets on both of its sides.

With this jewelry organizer, you will no longer have issues to do with spending hours looking and searching for different pieces of jewelry in your house. The closet organizer does not only come with a compact design but is also easy to use. The two sided organizer has 72 pockets with 36 of them on each side. The pockets include several over pouches that you can use to hold in position bulkier items.

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It is wise to find out the number of items you need to keep so that you avoid the case of spending money all in the name of buying another organizer. Dimensionally, the device measures 32”high and 16” wide. The durable vinyl construction makes it long lasting such that you will not waste money buying another organizer any soon. You can save yourself the headache of arranging your jewelry every now and then buy shopping for this item from the Amazon at pocket friendly price instead of moving up and down wondering where you can get better deals.

Features  And Specifications

  • Allows you to store stud earrings, rings, bracelets and earrings among other items in an organized manner.
  • The closet organizer has a metal hook for easy storage of items.
  • The 72 clear pockets with 36 on each of the sides make it to see through as well as find your matching pieces of jewelry without going through much hassle.
  • Ends heads to do with jewelry related problems when you store your pieces in jewelry boxes, bathroom counter tops and dresser drawer among other places.
  • The multiple purpose jewelry organizers also keep craft as well as sewing accessories in an orderly manner.


  • Versatile organizer since it can keep different things
  • Stable
  • Simple
  • Easy to use
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Strong
  • Affordable


  • Does not support bulkier items

Final verdict

In conclusion, if you have been looking for a high jewelry organizer then your search ends here. Perfect life ideas jewelry hanging organizer is simply the best product you can buy on the market. The jewelry organizer is affordable, easy to use, strong, simple and aesthetically appealing.

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Supertech Jewelry Hanging Organizer

jewelry hanging organizerThe Supertech Jewelry Hanging Organizer is a versatile dual side jewelry organizer that hangs easily on bathroom doors or in closets. It has a unique design that allows it to take as little space as possible. It is a great accessory for dorm rooms as it allows you to comfortably store your jewelry for easy access. The Supertech jewelry organizer has 32 pockets and 18 hook and loop tabs.

Quick Review

The Supertech Organizer is very hardy as it fits all of your jewelry nicely. It is made of good fabric and the clear pockets allow you to select your rings easily. The necklace side has Velcro that makes sure there are no more tangled necklaces. It is one of the best hanging organizers as it has a rating of 4.2 out of five after more than two hundred customer reviews.

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Features And Specifications

Unique design

The Supertech organizer has an elegant design that makes it perfect for your closet or your bathroom door. It’s stylish and made from PVC and non-woven materials that make it easy to clean.


The organizer is double-sided making sure that it offers more space than most conventional jewelry organizers. It is foldable and easy to store meaning that your jewelry is well protected from mildew and moth. It is lightweight and occupies a small space meaning that it does not reduce your closets capacity or disturb you when using your bathroom. It also holds your cosmetics as well as other fashion and hair accessories.


  • The organizer easily hangs on hooks or rods to maximize space
  • It has clear vinyl pockets that allow you to see what is inside unlike jewelry boxes that you have to fumble with to get access your jewelry. The 18 Velcro loops prevent your necklaces and bracelets from tangling.
  • The polyester fabric is easy to clean and is durable enough. This makes it possible for you to store your jewelry securely for long periods without having to worry.


  • The Supertech organizer does not come with its own hanger for quick assembly
  • The organizer does not fit standard hangars and thus you might have to improvise. However, if you have smaller than standard hangers such as toddler hangers, then the problem is easily solved.


The Supertech organizer is one of the best jewelry organizers that you will probably find in the market. It comes in a small lightweight package that is easy to carry. For comparative purposes, you may want to look up the Misslo and Closet Complete organizers.

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Closet Complete CANVAS Ultra 80 Pocket Hanging Jewelry Organizer

jewelry hanging organizerIf you are pondering over a place where you could store and organize all your jewelry while ensuring its safety, this Ultra 80 Pocket Jewelry Hanging Organizer from Closet Complete could help. With this organizer, you will be able to keep your favorite accessories neatly organized and stored in a single location.

When dangling from the rod in your closet, this hanging organizer will occupy no more than 2 inches of space. While it is meant to be a handy closet accessory, you can also hang this organizer on a wall too. The complete dimensions of this of this organizer are 18 inches (W) by 41.5 inches (L), which includes its aluminum hanger.

Features And Specifications

This jewelry organizer is made up of heavy, natural and sturdy 100% cotton canvas. The pockets of this organizer are made up of clear vinyl, so the accessories and jewelry pieces you place inside them will always be on display and visible. So, you will be able to take a look at and locate them easily.

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This organizer will offer you double-sided storage and each side 40 different-sized pockets for a total of 80 pockets. Out of those 80 pockets, 64 of them have a height of 2-1/2 inches and a width of 4 inches. The remaining 16 pockets have a height of 3-1/2 inches and a width of 4 inches. You could store all kinds of fashion accessories and jewelry in these see-through pockets, such as chunky bracelets, hair accessories, earrings, necklaces, pins, rings and more.

A solid aluminum hanger is also included in this hanging jewelry organizer. So, you will be able to hang it on your closet or wall hook the moment you fill the pockets with your fashion accessories and jewelry pieces. You can also remove the hanger from the organizer. Once the hanger has been removed, the organizer can be easily folded and stowed away in a drawer to be stored or into luggage for traveling.


  • You will be able to view your fashion accessory and jewelry pieces at once. This will make it easier for you to choose the right accessory or piece.
  • You will not need to invest in an armoire or a jewelry box, while your living space will be cluttered by your fashion accessories and jewelry pieces.
  • The hanger rotates 360 degrees, which means that you will be able to rotate it easily in order to view the accessories and pieces stored in the pockets on each side.


The pockets are not secured by any Velcro strap or something similar, so you may have to secure the pockets some other way when carrying this organizer while folded when traveling.


If you far more fashion accessories and jewelry pieces than you have space to store it and they remain cluttered most of the time, then this hanging pocket organizer is for you. This Ultra 80 Pocket will enable you to bring some order to your fashion accessory and jewelry collection, while it easier for you to find them all in one place.

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Mango Steam 3 Panel Organizer for Hanging Earrings, Bracelets and Necklaces

jewelry hanging organizerAs with clothes, women have a significant amount of jewelry in their possession; therefore, wouldn’t it be much easier to have the best jewelry hanging organizer that you keep all your jewelry items stored in an organized and cutter free manner? With it, you wouldn’t ever need to comb through your drawers or any other place in your room frantically in search of the piece you need.

If buying this piece jewelry storage rack is something you have been giving some serious consideration; well, why not consider Mango Steam 3 Panel Organizer? This is perfect for Hanging Earrings, Bracelets as well as Necklaces. Ranked among the best in the industry, here is a little bit about it.

Features And Specifications

  • Elegant trellis shaped design to showcase your pieces
  • Hold 40 pair of earrings along with multiple necklaces and bracelets
  • Includes special Mango steam wall decal

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What Makes it Stand Out From The Crowd?

Even for an industry that has see tons and tons of jewelry holders being unveiled, is a bit different. It is for good reasons why it is ranked among the best. Here is why this holder is what you should be going for next.

First of all is the amount of pieces this jewelry rack can hold at the same time. It is not just any other kind of furniture that will take up most of your space. It can comfortably store up to 40 pair of earrings, not to mention necklaces and bracelets too. It comes with  beautiful floral wall decal.

No assembly needed; unlike those other jewelry racks that can take you hours or even days to figure out how to assembly, this one is a bit different. No assembly is required; you just unpack and start right away. The best part; this jewelry holder stands nice and solid; there is no wobbling or accidental knock downs.


Nothing is perfect and just like similar products; this holder comes with its own share of issues. A number of people feel that the organizer would have been better if it was a little bit larger in both width and heights. While there is no real issue with holding any of the jewelry, if you have those longer necklaces, some of them might drag across the ground.

Final Verdict

Overall, Mango Steam 3 panel in an amazing product. Told to describe it, I would say this is where reliability meets affordability. It is not one of those jewelry holders you spend all your savings on and end up regretting for weeks. It is the best and worth every consideration.

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The “Baker’s Dozen” of Things to Know About Hanging Jewelry Organizers

Perfect Life Ideas Hanging Jewelry Organizer 72 Pocket Closet Organizer For JewelryAll hanging jewelry organizers are not created equal. There are the one’s that you can purchase at the bargain store. These may make the perfect gift for your Mother-In-Law, but for your loved one, or for yourself, you may want to take a few minutes to learn what makes the quintessential hanging jewelry organizer.

To help, we have put together the Baker’s Dozen of things you need to consider when out to make that purchase of the quintessential hanging jewelry organizer.

 The Baker’s Dozen

The Baker’s Dozen is a term that came about with bakers in the early days wanting to stay on the right side of the law and not be accused of cheating customers. The bakers threw in an extra loaf of bread, or what was being purchased, ensuring that there would be no problems with cheating. The customers rejoiced, and the baker’s dozen has stuck with us to mean, “throw in an extra” for good graces.

We are providing the baker’s dozen of things of Things to know about the quintessential hanging jewelry organizer to hopefully be in your good graces and enjoy.

Household Essentials Bracelet and Necklace Hanging Jewelry Organizer Natural CanvasWhat Is There To Know about Hanging Jewelry Organizers

1. They are made for just about every application known to “man”. There is even one for hanging zippers. The first thing to know is what do you want to store.

2. Some come with a mirror, so you can look at yourself in the mirror, if that is important.

3. Material, they come in just about any material imaginable. The plastic made would make the perfect gift for the Mother-In-Law.

4. Where do you want to hang the organizer? There are organizers that can be hung over the back of the door, others that can hang on a clothes rack, and even those that you can screw to a wall.

5. How many pieces do you want to store? Some will hold up to 1000 pieces.

6. Do you want pockets, or do you want hooks so that all your jewelry is exposed?

7. Do not think about hiding your expensive jewelry on the organizer.

8. Personal experience has shown that the more space you have for storage, the more you jewelry you will buy. Be Prepared for the shopping spree, but that could be great fun.

9. If you have a small space for the organizer, you may want to consider purchasing one those folds.

10. There are those that can be closed and come with locks. They are not meant to keep thieves out, but they will keep “little gremlins” from making a mess of your hanging jewelry.

11. Decide how much you want to spend for the quintessential hanging jewelry organizer.

12. Decide where you want to hang the organizer. If it is going to be exposed, beauty may be as important as function.

13. Make it a day with your friends. There are lots to choose from, and just the exploring can create a wonderful time with friends.

 The Baker’s Dozen For Buying

We present the Bakers Dozen on how to choose the quintessential jewelry hanging organizer, and it is a personal choice. There are all sorts of models at just about any price point that you may want. They are useful, and they can be a beautiful addition to your closet. So, think about what you want, have an enjoyable time and go ahead and buy.

Organize Your Jewelry Creatively

There are different kinds of hanging jewelry organizers. Starting with the modern ones one by one, I will provide you with all the information on jewelry organizers. The hanging hidden jewelry organizer is one that is hidden inside a photo frame and has hinges. It is basically a jewelry box. The idea behind this jewelry box is having your bedroom color in harmony rather than offsetting it by having your jewelry on top of a dresser. This also leaves enough storage space between small spaces. It also minimizes clutter behind the photo frame that is on hinges or a shadow box.

Hanging pocket organizers come in varieties from hanging travel organizer, over the cabinet door coupon pocket and many more that would help keep and organize your content neatly without leaving any clutter. Lets look at each of the organizers.

The Ricardo Beverly Hills organizer has many pockets and is compact, with enough space to hold all toiletries and other grooming components. It is quite classy, smooth, durable and water proof. This hanging travel organizer is very convenient for traveling and keeps your stuff in one package. It contains five zippered pockets which allow for good organization and flexibility in packing.

Over the cabinet door organizer is another one of the pocket organizers which features three pockets, which are deep and versatile. It is designed for hanging over the cabinet doors and for storing your mails, recipes, menus and more.

The hanging makeup organizer category comes with numerous varieties of organizers. The cosmetic makeup bag or travel case is convenient for organizing your personal stuff, household items and also designed for traveling. Among its virtues are enough storage space, washable, compact and portable.

Over the door jewelry organizers include Over The Door Jewelry Valet storage organizer, Over The Door Organizer Armoire and several others. The Valet organizer holds over 300 pieces of your jewelry and they do not get tangled. You easily see your necklace at a glance. The Armoire organizer has same virtues in addition to the fact that you will enjoy adding your jewelry and accessories.

Arranging your earrings depends on being creative in order to be organized. A simple DIY earrings organizer doesn’t cost much. This can be hung from a towel rod or rail. This allows for quick access to your earrings and is an easier method of storing earrings. It is suited to small bedrooms and makes good use of small space. Making it costs very little in materials.

Jewelry organizers with zippers include the black floral 40 zipper pocket dual sides. First, it saves space, and can be used in hanging jewelry, bracelets, it is a closet jewelry organizer and a household accessory holder and storage bag. Its pockets are made of vinyl and are on both sides. You can hang it from the closet rod, doorknob or the towel bar. It is sleek and fashionable and comes in a variety of colors from hot pink to white floral. None of these organizers will let you down.