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BelleDangles Jewelry Wall Mounted Organizer

Jewelry Hanging OrganizerMost of the women experience the tangled jewelry in the storage box or drawer and end up damaging the jewelry itself. However, if you want to keep the jewelry collection organized; you will need to keep it separate boxes which surely require lots of space. There is another way to keep the jewelry organized without occupying too much space; the jewelry hanging organizer can be a great option in order keeping the accessories organized.

There are plenty options of hanging jewelry organizer in the market; one of the best according to the consumers is the BelleDangles Wall Mounted Organizer. This hanging jewelry organizer will help you keep the jewelry organized and also long lasting. If you are looking for a hanging jewelry organizer; here is the review of Wall Mounted Organizer in black by BelleDangles.

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Excellent Jewelry Hanging Organizer

The Wall Mounted organizer in black is produced by the BelleDangles which is specifically designed to organize any kind of jewelry such as necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and many more In addition, the classic style comes with shelf on top of the organizer which is perfect for additional storage, display picture frame or mirror. What if you have more earrings than necklaces? There is no need to worry because the necklace bar can also be used for dangles and another type of jewelry.

Great affordability

With actual tangled free, you can hang the necklaces around the bar; however, if you find it difficult to clasp and unclasp every time you need one, you can use the S hooks. The S hooks are sold separately; it adds easiness when you hang the necklaces without the need to clasp and unclasp the items.

Excellent quality

Unlike jewelry boxes which make the jewelry tangled to each other, the hanging organizer from BelleDangles indeed solve the issue and save your precious collections. Moreover, hanging the organizer in the wall will also add an artistic touch to your home decorations as well as save storage space. This jewelry organizer is made of iron with powder rust proof coat powder in black which can be an additional showcase to display the accessories.

Features and specifications

This organizer has only 17 inches width x8 inches weight x 6 inches deep; with the size, it should be fit in your bedroom without occupying too many spaces. The BelleDangles hanging jewelry organizer can take up to 110 jewelry items including stud and dangle earring. The hanging organizer comes with plugs and screws and also easy installation; it can be your next DIY projects.

What Customers Say

Lots of people satisfy with this jewelry organizer as it promises tangled-free organizer. The unit comes with separate bars for rings, bracelets, and necklaces. However, the necklace bar can also be used to store dangle earrings.

The unit is sturdy and durable for it can hold up to 110 jewelry item. The BelleDangles jewelry organizer also comes with an upper shelf which can be used for additional storage.


Using this organizer, you can say goodbye to tangled jewelry. With the great features and specification, this jewelry organizer can be a perfect long term investment.

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Black Velvet Ring Jewelry Display

Jewelry Hanging OrganizerSome women have a trouble to store their jewelry. Even if they only have some accessories, they need a place to display it. A Jewelry Hanging Organizer is a suitable product for them. By using this item, they can organize some accessories in a professional manner. They can simply pick the one that they need based on the specific occasion.

It prevents them from losing or damaging their jewelry. For a simple organizing, Black Velvet ring display is just perfect. Like the name cited, it’s an organizer that is used to store rings. Here’s the review about this product.  There are more things people need to know.

Good for Everyone

At the first time, people may consider a jewelry organizer is only for women. They are wrong. This product is also suitable for men. Some husbands use it to store their replica rings. Plus, it’s quite affordable when compared to other jewelry organizers. It isn’t bad price for a great price. It requires a regular cleaning, though. Apart from that, it’s a versatile and useful storage. Everyone can use it regardless of sex and age.

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It’s Quite Elegant

Compactness is a good word to represent this Hanging Jewelry Organizer. However, it also shows others qualities. Elegance is for the example. The product displays items professionally. Not to mention the price is reasonable. At least, people don’t waste their money on something useless. The quality is good and the design is nice.

Features and Specifications

  • It’s perfect to display finger rings
  • There’s soft velvet that covers the product
  • It comes with a classic style
  • It’s good for either personal use or showcase
  • Each finger can store up to 2 rings

What Customers Say

The prime use of this jewelry organizer is to store rings. It isn’t recommended to store more than 2 rings in one imitated finger. Otherwise, it may damage the holder. It’s good to know that there have been more than 100 reviews made by the customers on the internet. Most of them provide good and positive reviews.

There are some of them who say otherwise, though. These people are disappointed with the limited amount of rings that they can store on this jewelry organizer. Regardless of this issue, the overall quality is beyond great. Buyers won’t get disappointed to buy it whatsoever.


Overall, Black Velvet Jewelry Organizer is a great product to put users’ rings safely. They can display the rings well so they can wear them often every day. Keeping the accessories safe in an organizer will make them wear the rings less. On the other hand, an accessory organizer will show the items in front of those people.

This makes them wear the accessories more often. The only problem is the capacity. The organizer only allows one ring per storage. Stacking too many rings will cause troubles. To sum up, this item is a big help for people who want to proudly display and store their rings better.

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Overdoor/Wall Jewelry Organizer in White By Longstem

Jewelry hanging OrganizerWhat can women do to ensure their accessories well-organized? The only solution is by taking advantage of a Jewelry Hanging Organizer. There are many brands and choices to buy, in fact. Longstem Overdoor organizer is one of the great options. It also comes in white color.

The wall hanging jewelry organizer actually is an important item to store many types of jewelry in order to prevent damages and cracks. The room will be neater as well. Thanks to this product. What are the other reasons why people should buy this item? Well, here is the further information they can read. Many women love it so much.

Good Mounted Organizer

Like the regular jewelry organizer made by Longstem, it has an excellent functionality. People only need to hang it over their bedroom door or closet. They can also install it directly onto any wall surfaces. Users can place different types of jewelry including watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and many others. There’s a useful tray for bangle bracelets and rings. This item allows them to place every piece of their jewelry easily. Later, they pick something out based on what they want to wear.

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Durable Design

Many users really love its durability. They are able to install it in their closet. This way, they become easier to pick out accessories visually. The can organize their earrings, necklaces, and others without hassles. In the terms of durability, it’s built to withstand the time. Not to mention this item is quite versatile. The quality is beyond good as it comes with sturdy parts and wire hooks. This wall mounted jewelry organizer is made of durable powder coated steel. People can install it over a door or they can simply mount it to the nearest wall.

Features and Specifications

  • The product includes 38 hooks so users can put hundreds of accessories in an appropriate organization. It minimizes the hassles and messes of owning lots of jewelry.
  • The organizer displays the entire accessories professionally. That means users can pick a specific item without spending too much time. They only need a single glance. That’s it.
  • It provides sufficient places to store different types of accessories. It can be anything. Most of the users are women.
  • It has strong steel so it will withstand the open and closed door over time.

Customer Reviews and Scores

White Longstem Overdoor is clean and neat jewelry hanger. It’s quite similar to its sibling that comes with black color. If women are into smooth and sturdy jewelry organizer, they must pick this one. There have been more than 400 customer reviews on the internet. Most of them have provided positive reviews to this item. When it comes to rating, it’s almost perfect. Some users say that they really love this organizer. One thing, it’s a little bit heavy. People must ensure that they can mount this thing up on the wall or closet.


To sum up, users are really satisfied of using this Jewelry Hanging Organizer. They use it to find any types of jewelry and accessories easier. What they need to do is only to take a glance at the item they are going to wear. Everything is organized and neat. The white color of the steel wires is quite appealing. Needless to say, it’s quite durable.

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Misslo Hanging Non-woven Pocket Organizer

Jewelry hanging OrganizerWhat do people know about a Jewelry hanging pocket organizer? Many of them will overlook this item. The fact is that they will need it to manage their accessories in a better way. Losing accessories due to bad storage isn’t a good thing. A pocket organizer like Misslo indeed is a nice choice.

There are many reasons why people should pick this item. The review here will discuss more it. Not only it can store accessories well but it also prevents those items from damaging each other. Many people are satisfied with it. What makes the product popular? Here’s a review about it.

It Stores More than Jewelry

People may think they can only use this organizer to store accessories. In fact, it can be more than that. Some people also use it to store nail polish. They buy it for a purpose other than accessories. Even though it’s true, some people are unique.

They want to simplify everything. It includes their nail polish or other items. A jewelry organizer can fulfill this demand, after all. The clear little pockets of this item will do the job. Users only need to pull out their organizer and they can pick any item freely.

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Safe and Appealing

This Jewelry Hanging Organizer is both practical and good looking. It’s not only simple but also safe. People can pick and wear their jewelry more often. There is no need to search and dig onto the jewelry boxes. The item works perfectly. It holds many accessories and it can withstand the weight. Some people consider the material won’t be secure enough to hold jewelry. They are wrong. The organizer proves quite capable. People only need to be careful when opening the plastic. There’s the risk of damage whatsoever.

Features and Specifications

  • It comes with 32 pockets. There are also 18 loop and hook closures. However, there’s no hanger included.
  • There’s visible PVC window. This helps people to protect and view accessories. The necklace tabs are quite sturdy to hold heavy items like chains and others.
  • It displays accessories convenient and well to choose something to wear. This organizer won’t take much space. A small closet is more than just enough.
  • The design is quite stylish.

Customer Reviews and Scores

When it comes to customers review, there have been around 898 testimonials provided by users. Mostly, they are satisfied with both the quality and functionality of this item. They are also impressed with the design. They have found something that they really need. With this jewelry organizer, they won’t let their accessories unorganized.


Hundreds of people have provided positive reviews about this Jewelry Hanging Organizer. Some of them give negative feedback, though. The best thing about this product is its practicality. Users can store their accessories without hassles. There are 32 pockets to store their items. It can be anything.

Even men also use it to store some of their accessories. With it, people can manage their stuff in a more stylish way. They can pick any accessory to wear based on different occasions. It’s a recommended product to save some spaces in their room. There will be no more messes of jewelry around the room.

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Overdoor Wall Longstem Jewelry Organizer (Black)

Jewelry Hanging OrganizerWomen buy more accessories like jewelry over time. The problem is that they don’t have ample space to store those items. No worries. Door hanging jewelry organizer products are available in the stores. This type of item has an important role to store different pieces of jewelry in a proper way.

With this, women can get a reassurance of the safety of their accessories. They can hang them on the organizer. Black Overdoor wall Longstem organizer is one of the best products to buy. There are many plus points that people can get from it. Not to mention they won’t lose their jewelry anymore when they use this product.

It’s Holds Everything

This item fits nicely on the door. In fact, it doesn’t move around. What people should do is to hang it appropriately so they won’t get trouble when using this hanger. They don’t even need to use much force to make it latch. The best thing about this accessory organizer is that it holds all types of accessories including chunky bracelets, pendants, and others. There are six narrow trays to store these products. The tray is situated on a rectangular holder at the top of the organizer. This is suitable for earrings.

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Sturdy Materials

Black is an elegant color. It increases the value of this Jewelry Hanging Organizer. Not to mention this item is made of strong materials. The organizer is made of powder coated and heavy duty steel. It’s suitable to install on a door that is regularly opened. There’s also a bracket to hang the unit in the middle of the door. People should keep it intact. The setup isn’t as hard as they think. There are some instructions to follow. Overall, it lasts longer than people may think.

Features and Specifications

  • It comes with more than 30 hooks. That means users can hang up to 300 accessories and properly organize their entire jewelry collection.
  • It helps display the accessories so users can find out the one that they are looking for without spending too much time.
  • It gives abundant storing for necklaces, earrings, pins, rings, and bracelets. It provides easy convenience to all types of accessories.
  • Built in sturdy carbon steel. It’s constructed to last longer than other similar jewelry hanger.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Black Overdoor is a great jewelry hanger. It supports various types of items properly. There are many options of jewelry organizers on the internet. However, not all of them are as good as this one. If people look for both sturdy and functional accessory hanger, they should pick this model. There are about 88 customer reviews on the internet regarding how great the product is. It has gained 4.6 stars out of 5. The customers mostly provide positive testimonials on this item. They consider it as an amazing organizer. They can keep their jewelry safe and neatly.


In summary, this Overdoor jewelry organizer can help everyone to keep their accessories in a more organized way. Jewelry isn’t something people can organize easily like other items. That means these accessories need a distinct place to store or hang. A hanging organizer is a perfect choice. It can hold lots of items and it is quite sturdy.

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Wall Mount Necklace Holder Hanging Organizer

Jewelry Hanging OrganizerIt is true that nothing more frustrating than finding the tangled necklace in the drawer especially when rushing to work. Most women usually own more than three necklaces in the drawer; one for work, one for leisure time, and another for night occasion. However, storing necklace in the drawer will usually make it tangled to each other and yes, it is frustrating.

If you want to store necklaces in the drawer; you should keep in individually in boxes; however, it does spend much space. To prevent necklaces from tangled to each other and also save space in the drawer; you can consider using the Wall Mount Necklace Holder Hanging Organizer.

Hanging the jewelry of any kind will make you easier to find when you need it. The hanging jewelry organizer by Wall Mount can be one of the good choices for you. To complete your reverence of the hanging jewelry organizer here is the complete review for you.

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Excellent Necklace Holder

The Wall Mount necklace and jewelry organizer have a simple yet elegant design. Even though it does not have plenty features; however, it is awesome in the simplicity. It gives you the right features that you need to organize the jewelry collection in style.

Great affordability

The Wall Mount hanging necklace and jewelry organizer are mad of 100% carbon steel which is designed to hold long necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and many other jewelry. This jewelry hanging organizer has a good durability and sturdiness due to the material used which can be used for a long time.

Maximal Usage

The accessories tray on the top side has an edge in order to keep the small jewelry from sliding off. The total 25 necklace hooks can hold for about 25 to 50 jewelry. The hooks are designed in staggered in an out and up and down which makes each of jewelry organized and tangled free.

Features and Specifications

The overall dimension of this hanging jewelry organizer is 14 ¾ inches x 3 inches x 2 ½ inches and 14 ½ inches x 2 ½ inches of accessories try on the top side. It also features jewelry tray on top side which can be used to store smaller jewelry or place a photo frame.

What Customers Say

This hanging jewelry holder has a simple and clean looks without excessive detail. It is truly a helpful way to store and keep jewelry as well as become a chic home decoration. This jewelry holder also does not need much space in the dressing room and you can also ditch the jewelry boxes which occupy the drawer.


Besides the simple design, this jewelry holder receives plenty of feedback from the previous customer for the ability to hold plenty jewelry and also the top shelf is perfect to store bracelets and small items. The jewelry organizer also comes with very easy installation with two drill screws.

In addition, the simple design also allows you to see each piece of jewelry that hanging. Plus, you can also forget about tangled necklaces and make your morning easier than ever. Tangled jewelry can somehow damage the items itself; therefore, Wall Mount hanging jewelry organizer is the great options to keep the jewelry in order.

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Black Floral 40 Pocket Storage Bag

Jewelry Hanging OrganizerThere are many reasons why people should have a Jewelry Hanging Organizer. Basically, the item is useful to store various types of jewelry on safely. Without such kind of product, they will get troubles when searching for their jewelry to match their outfit.

Black Floral storage bag is a good choice when it comes to jewelry hanging organizer product. This item is quite functional for those who need to organize tons of accessories in a simple manner. This jewelry organizer also saves much space and put aside the troubles when storing accessories. Women won’t lose their items anymore. Here’s a simple review.

Best Organizer to Manage Pieces of Jewelry

The product has lots of benefits when compared to other jewelry organizers. It also comes with zippers that are quite perfect to classify users’ items. It has visible vinyl pockets that provide a transparent view on each of the sides. Not to mention it offers bigger room to store more accessories.

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It’s a good feature as people don’t need to wonder whether or not they need much storage space for their jewelry. The place where they can mount this organizer is limitless. Users often install it in the closet, though.

Beautiful and Eye-catching

Being a functional Jewelry Storage Organizer isn’t only the quality of this item. The hanger is also considered beautiful. The design is quite catchy. The leopard trim is something that people can find in other jewelry organizers. Everything about this item comes with the best quality. No worries. The zippers work perfectly and the hanger swivels well. There are several colors to choose from. Buyers can choose a particular color that matches their preferences well.

Features and Specifications

  • There are 20 pockets that come with clear vinyl zippers on both of the sides.
  • It’s versatile as it can hang on any places including doorknob, closet rod, towel bar, and others.
  • It is space saving. The organizer categories and stores jewelry or accessories properly.
  • It’s fashionable and sleek. It comes with different patterns and colors.
  • The size isn’t too big.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Black Floral jewelry organizer is what people need. Women always want to organize their accessories in an appropriate manner. It’s true there have been many people using this simple and easy to reach the product. In fact, more than 220 reviews have been made by the customers. Almost all of them provide positive reviews to this item. No wonder. It has been rated 4.6 stars out of five. Regardless of the plus points, the item also has some drawbacks. For example, the top zipper gets stuck sometimes.


In summary, the Jewelry Hanging Organizer can be a good choice for a regular use of storing accessories. It helps women to manage their jewelry neatly. The hanger has an excellent function. Customers never feel disappointed of using it. In the terms of design, the item also has an appealing appearance. There are many colors to choose from. Women should buy it, for sure.

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BeneVita Jewelry Hanger or Holder in Royal Purple

Jewelry Hanging OrganizerHaving lots of jewelry and accessories is a good thing for women. They can use different accessory for a different occasion. The problem is that they can’t manage these items well. Not to mention the accessories can get damaged due to a friction. Here’s a solution. They should buy a Jewelry Hanging Organizer.

This holds those accessories quite well. If people look for the most recommended hanger for their jewelry, they can pick BeneVita hanger in Royal Purple. Many buyers have been satisfied with this item. It can prevent the accessories from scratching one to another.

It’s Useful to Organize Accessories

Both women and men can make use of it to organize their jewelry. Men can use it to hold their watches while women use it to hang their accessories. The design is both oriental and elegant. It comes with striking color and it may fit different types of wall, for sure.

It’s a practical jewelry hanger as people can install it easily.That means they can also hang it everywhere. The design is quite compact and it comes with flocked velvet. Not to mention there will be no slipping, wrinkling, or snagging.

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Both Strong and Exquisite

This Hanging Jewelry  Organizer is specifically designed to hang different types of items. That means people can put more than just jewelry but also other accessories including scarves, belts, ties, and more. They can mount it in the closet or other places like a wall and behind the door. One thing, it should be attached to display the items in an outstanding way. It’s not only durable but it’s also quite exquisite. It will last longer than people have expected.

Features and Specifications

  • It’s a high-quality velvet hanger. The design is both oriental and exclusive. No jewelry hanger is better than this.
  • Users can access their accessories easier. In fact, they can organize their scarves well with this product. They can arrange the scarves beautifully and choose one that matches their appearance quickly. There will be no more boxes or drawers.
  • It comes with an elegant display. They can mount it on the wall easily. They can also put it in their closet. Their choice.
  • The construction is quite sturdy. It’s made of durable material. As a result, it gets stronger.

Customer Reviews and Scores

In a nutshell, the jewelry hanger is a great choice to organize many things in a closet. There will be no more hassles and the accessories are accessible. On the online store, there have been already 90++ customer reviews. People who have written these testimonials are satisfied with both functionality and design. They have found what they are looking for.


Overall, BeneVita is an excellent Jewelry Hanging Organizer. Many users have been impressed by the construction and quality. They don’t need to worry about how to organize their accessories. Everything becomes neat and well-arranged. Not only it’s useful to store jewelry but it’s also functional for managing scarves. Even men can make use of this item.

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Household Essentials 80-Pocket Hanging Jewelry White Vinyl

Jewelry Hanging OrganizerA perfect solution for women who are fed up of tangling, untangling their favorite pieces of jewelry, the Household Essentials 80-Pocket Hanging Jewelry and Accessories organizer stores all those precious ornaments and saves valuable time on last minute invites. Made of white vinyl with a cover of clear plastic, this hanging organizer makes jewelry storage child’s play.

Sleek and stylish at $14 this jewelry hanging organizer is an absolute steal. Sufficiently big (35 by 18 inches), it has eighty separate pockets (forty on each side) to house jewelry, kitchen knick knacks, bathroom accessories and kids stuff. In short, a complete package for the entire family.

A cute metal hanger ensures this clear jewelry organizer can be stashed anywhere in the house, behind the door, in the bathroom cabinet, on the kitchen wall and most commonly inside the closet. Pretty in white, it compliments most furnishings effortlessly

The pockets are covered with clear plastic, ensuring the items stay as good as new. The pockets are of considerable size and house small earrings as easily as large necklaces and big dial watches. Can also be used for makeup, buttons and other tiny things which may get easily misplaced. However, they do not have any zip or Velcro straps and remain open from the top.

This dainty little jewelry holder though has a few minor glitches. The pros and cons can be summed up as follows.


  • Perfect for storing small items like earrings which often get misplaced
  • All jewelry can be stored in different pockets without getting entangled.
  • Clear plastic covers enable you to choose a piece without taking all out.
  • Multipurpose, can store other kitchen and bathroom accessories as well.
  • Very affordable.
  • Hanger makes it versatile to place it anywhere in the house


  • Hanger is not very sturdy, may break if heavy items are stored.
  • Even small pieces can add up to create a large weight. If you want it to last longer be careful about what you store.
  • The pockets do not have any zip or Velcro for closure. So contents may get damaged with time, especially if placed outside a closet.

Final Verdict

With pros outweighing the cons, this wall hanging jewelry organizer is the perfect way to store little trinkets easily and economically. And the open pocket issue doesn’t really bother as long as you keep it away from dust or smoke (read kitchen). Plus it looks pretty too and saves significant seconds on the clock while getting dressed.

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Household Essentials 80-Pocket Hanging Jewelry Organizer, Natural Canvas

Jewelry Hanging OrganizerJewelry is an unforgettable treasure as it speaks volumes about who you really are. Due to the expensive nature of jewelry, quality storage as stability and durability assurance is a matter of essence.

As a jewelry enthusiast, you have to grab a top-notch solution for the storage of fine jewelry. This will offer protection against tarnish. This is the time you needed a pock hanging jewelry organizer. This product does not only store, but also teaches you how to organize jewelry in a more appealing way.

Product Description

Having a treasure chest in your bedroom or any place of your choosing in the house is the sweetest feeling. It gives you a sense of fulfillment and a Hollywood star status. However, random jewelry organization is stressful and time wasting without forgetting excess space requirements.

Whether it is a wall mount jewelry organizer, a jewelry cabinet, or 80-pocket jewelry hanging organizer, choosing the best jewelry holder is another problem people face. This review has made things a little bit simple for you. Click on the below link to know more information about Household Essentials jewelry hanging organizer.

Click HERE To More About Natural Canvas Household Essentials At Amazon..

Product Features

Household Essentials 80-pocket Hanging Jewelry and Accessories Organizer is 100% natural canvas that takes care of all your storage needs. It is like an 80-in-one stuff. The following are its distinguishing features:

  • It has a removable high density aluminum hanger
  • It is a great space saver as it occupies a mere 2-square inch
  • Excluding the hanger, this product measures 18” by 34”
  • It is 100% cotton
  • Has 80 clear pockets to save space and enhance convenient storage of jewelry and accessories
  • Imported
  • It is light weight, 1.6 pounds.

Should You Buy It?

Look at the picture and read shopping and product reviews on the 80-pocket hanging jewelry organizer and you would wish you knew this phenomenal product 10 years ago. This is the perfect for you and your loved ones as it adds convenience and class to you jewelry collection. The cotton canvas, the hanger and the plastic are just of out-of-this-world material.

The way it appears physically is better than it does on the Amazon website. Ask for a sample from your friend who has bought it or go to a local store to see it, feel it by the hand and you realize how hard it is to let go of it. Where can you get something of this quality at $23.66 only?

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