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The History And Facts about Jewelry

Who does not love jewelry? Of course, everybody loves it, especially women. There are many types of jewelry that you can buy in the gold stores ranging from bracelets, rings, necklace, earrings, crowns, and much more. You may be quite close to the jewelry, but you never know about the history and facts of the jewelry itself. Therefore, through this brief article, the writer would like to share with you about facts, timeline, and history of jewelry that you may not know before.

The History of Jewelry                                                         

Since the beginning of its discovery, the jewelry continues to change the trend until today. Different times must also have different types, materials, and jewelry designs that are used in making jewelry. The new era in the production of jewelry began with the use of copper as the metal to make jewelry in the ancient Egyptian times. They then began to produce a variety of beads and sparkling jewelry designs using scarab beetle, bird wings, tigers, wolves, and antelope. They also used a variety of stones in jewelry making. The popular rocks at the time were carnelian, feldspar, amethyst, chalcedony, lapis lazuli and turquoise.

At ancient china times, the rocks that were most widely used in making jewelry were jade and diamonds. Jade carving became a beautiful art during the Shang Dynasty (1600 BC – 1050 BC). The Jewelry designs at this period mostly resembled the form of rolls, flowers, turtles, birds’ wings, and dragon. Ancient Chinese society already knew many kinds of jewelry such as headdresses, necklaces, pectoral, coins, pendants, rings, bracelets and crowns.

Some Facts about Jewelry

Now, let us talk about some facts about jewelry. There are some facts that you may not know about this beautiful accessory. The first fact is that the original gold will leave a bite mark when you bite it. However, you must also be careful because tin is also soft and some people try to paint the tin with gold paint to make it look like gold.

The second fact is that the engagement ring was first introduced in Zama Ancient Egypt. People in this age were using engagement rings on their fourth finger of the left hand because they believed that the finger contained a vein that was connected directly to the heart. Next, in ancient times, the engagement ring was given as a symbol of commitment financially. A man who gave a ring to a woman could be a sign or proof that the man was capable of supporting women financially. In fact, in addition to providing rings, they also provided a number of gold coins to prove their financial capabilities.

In conclusion, jewelry indeed has a long history that most of the people do not know about it. Most of the people only have it without knowing where it came from. Therefore, in order to make you love your jewelry more, then you have to understand about the history of jewelry itself and understand some facts that you have never read before.

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How to Match Rings and Manicures?

Women suffer from a dilemma while matching manicures and their engagement ring. They can’t just pick random color for their manicure. It’s because each shade works differently with the jewelry, especially the ring. To help deciding and visualizing the options, you can read more ring/manicure pairings as inspiration in this article. The options below will help you to fulfill effortless and glamorous combination of ring and manicures for engagement.

Classic French Manicure

It’s impossible to refuse the beauty of French manicure. It provides timeless, smart, neat, and sophisticated ambience. If you show off this style, there will be no regret during your engagement day. French nail polish is perfect and recognizable. It never goes out of style. The best pair for this manicure is traditional engagement ring. You can choose dazzling platinum ring combined with diamond. The shiny and clear pink color of your nails becomes perfect combination for your simple traditional diamond ring.

Vampire Style Red Talons

Vampire manicure style is flirty and fun. Bloody red nails are superb. This color works perfectly to boost the cool and retro appearance of the bride. Yet, you should pick glossy coat to protect the nails from chipping. It enhances the beauty shade as well. Before you combine this manicure style, always conduct experiment first. You can try different shapes to find the perfect one. As complementary, your engagement ring should be a little bit showy. Halo design and platinum ring is the best choice. The ring should be elegant.

Cool Metallic Nails

If you love to create showy appearance during the engagement party, metallic and sparkly nails are incredible to wear. It provides celebrity impression for you. Yellow gold colors over white platinum metals are quite astonishing. It truly compliments your bold preference. This chic style of manicure may suit perfectly with 19k gold ring band. It should be secure and tight. Simplicity and sleek curves becomes the major benefits from the combination.

Cute Princess Manicure

You can go cute and girly during engagement party. The nail polish should be pinks and peaches. First, choose the proper base color. Later, you can put glitters or sparkling objects. Usually, professional trimmer is required to provide maximum and best result of the manicure. Diamante and crystals are appropriate additional for your girly manicure. They boost the awesomeness of your hand. In the aspect of the engagement ring, it should be standard. Heart-shaped diamond ring comes as the brilliant option.

Colorful Nail Polish

Another popular option is colorfully shaded nail polish. Blue is today’s favorite. If you want unique colors, lavender and cornflower blue are preferable. Women consider this option as quirky combination with their engagement ring. Blue sapphire and solitaire diamond work the best as your rings. You’ll stand out from the crowds by combining colorful nail polish with classic diamond ring.

Based on the options above, women can pick different combinations which can work better to their appearance. For example, they would choose velvet gold pieces to bring up the sex appeal. For the simple beauty, women choose minimalist engagement ring combined with ravishing red nail polish. The variation and combination is limitless.

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Tips to Pair Rings and Bracelets

Pairing jewelries can be difficult. It’ll be challenging for us to make coherent look from rings and bracelets. The ring must complement bracelet, and vice versa. Many different factors affect the creation. The combination of bracelet and the ring is quite astonishing if we are able to match them. Both of them share the same area on our body. We must consider creating unified appearance and beautiful nuances. Our outfit is the 1st impression to the others. We must make it wonderful and astonishing.

Three basic considerations to pair bracelets and rings below are quite helpful. We should not forget about the quality of the jewelries as well. Where should we buy them? Online jewelry stores are available to visit. We’ll save much effort by shopping online. In fact, it’s more affordable to buy bracelets and rings via internet. We don’t need to spend money on gasoline while shopping jewelries online. Thanks to the technology, we are able to buy anything we want easier.

3 Basic Guides to Pair Rings and Bracelets

  • First, we should keep it light. The basic key to wear rings and bracelets is simplicity. Being picky is a good manner to avoid overload. The ring should be beautiful and bold. It’ll become the source of attention. We must allow it to shine. It means, choosing shiny and expensive gemstone ring is quite recommended. As complement, the bracelet should be thin and simple. Simplicity is the crucial aspect when we combine bracelet and the ring. Don’t make it overwhelmed and overloaded.
  • Second, complementary colors are perfect to choose. It’s easy to find the same colors or hue of bracelets and rings. Yet, sometimes it’ll be challenging as well. Yellow gold and pink is the best combination. As alternative, we can pick white gold and turquoise. It’ll be great to do experiment. We can create our own combinations. If it’s about the color combinations, there are limitless options. Each of us is different and unique. Therefore, we should match the colors with our preferences.
  • Third, we must consider about different hands. It’s simple to wear rings and bracelets on the same area. This trend suits for daily activities. Yet, in special occasion like meetings or formal events, wearing the rings and bracelets on the same hand is too much. We can utilize both hands to make it elegant. Although we part the pieces, it’s important to choose coherent styles and colors. Both jewelries should complement each other. Some people consider the use of both hands is conservative. They tend to wear rings and bracelets in one hand.

Before spending our money on online jewelry stores, we must compare their services and products. Secure transactions, experience, qualification, license, and huge selection of products are basic requirements of reputable jewelry sellers on internet. To sum up, we determine the combination of bracelets and rings. The information above is sufficient as our guide. It’s not only how we pair the jewelries. We must pay attention the quality of the products as well. Buying online is quite recommended as simpler and faster transaction.

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Matching the Jewelry with Your Hair Color

Jewelry and hair color are inseparable allies to enhance beauty. Hair color is usually overlooked. Yet, it becomes one of most important parts of our appearance. It’s very crucial in picking perfect jewelry which matches to the hair color. Both the jewelry and hair color are located in the same space on our face. They should be balanced in harmony. Our hair color must complement the jewelry and vice versa. For better information, there are some guides to follow.

  • Blonde Hair

Blonde-haired girls have limitless possibilities of jewelry. Most of the options match well with this hair. Blonde is quite versatile and simple. There are some astonishing colors to choose. Sapphire, topaz, and blue gemstones look great with blond-haired chicks. Blue colors serve as light contrast against the golden hair. Another jaw-dropping color is green. It looks stunning with blond hair. For bold appearance, we must choose orange colors. They serve as glower with the hair. Recently, orange calcite color works perfectly with blonde hair.

  • Red Hair

Neutral gemstones are perfect for redheads. Red hair is intense. We should contrast it by using neutral and muted colors. Earth-toned gemstones are preferable for red-haired woman. The combination of intense red hair color and neutral gemstones creates shining appearance and beauty. There are alternative colors such as yellow and deep blue. Dark green is astonishing as well. We must avoid some colors having gray tones. Gray gemstones and jewelries may fail to stand up with redhead.

  • Brunette

Brunettes have wide array of options in choosing gemstone and jewelry colors. Blue is the best choice. It looks wonderful for brunettes. They can even choose unique colors such as purples and deep reds. Both of the options are not recommended to other hair tones. Purple and red highlight our brown hair. Therefore, both the hair and jewelry can shine together. We should be grateful having brown hair. To make our eyes more stand out, we can pick bold gemstones. Blue topaz is quite helpful. As alternative choice, autumn colors like deep ruby also pair perfectly with brunettes.

  • Black Hair

Black-haired women can get all the fun in choosing jewelry. Black hair suits bright and bold gemstones. The recommended options are green, dark reds, and deep pinks. We must avoid some colors having earthy ambiance. Earth colored gemstones stand down with black hair. Reds are preferable with black hair. We can conduct experiment to find out the suitability between the hair and jewelries. Black hair suits vivid colored gemstones as well. White topaz, garnet, amethyst, and pink quartz are the best options.

Should our hair color match the color of jewelry? According to beautician, it’s a must! Matching hair color and the jewelry makes the statement of beauty as well as fashion. Blond can use gold rings, bracelets, and chains. Brunettes could pick pearl necklace in brown. Any earthy gemstones work well with brunettes. Redheads should dig more on Rubies. Red gemstones match perfectly for red-haired woman. To sum up, our gemstones and jewelries can beautify our appearance. If they match with our hair color, we’ll gain more confidence.

5 Tips to Preserve Your Jewelry

Woman and jewelry can’t be separated. Jewelry beautifies woman’s appearance. There are many types such as rings, bracelet, necklace, and more. A big problem occurs if the jewelry has the reduction of quality. Any owners should learn how to preserve their valuables. There are 5 things to pay attention: Cleaning, storage, checks-up, traveling, and things to avoid. We can prolong the life of our jewelry by using those considerations.

  • Cleaning

We must be careful in cleaning the jewelry. Abrasive cloths or detergents are bad things to clean it. Don’t be rush and rough. The precious stones can loose and fall down to the sink drain. We can use mild soap, warm water, and lint cloth to clean the gems. Pearls are prone to scratch. Makeup brush is the best tool to clean pearls along with warm water. Later, we must dry them with soft towel. Don’t ever touch the pearls until they have completely dried. In fact, wet string can easily stretch.

  • Check-ups

For extraordinary expensive jewelries, it’s wise for us to check them regularly to professional jewelers. They can find out the problems soon. Later, they’ll conduct repairs to any troubles in our jewelry. Bringing back the jewelry to the reputable jewelers is a must. It’s the best idea to check up any damages. Moreover, qualified jewelers provide cleaning services. We can use their help to clean our valuables. The help of professional is important if we don’t have knowledge or experience in cleaning jewelry.

  • Storage

A good idea to preserve our jewelry is to find safe storage. Scratches, tangles, and gem fractures will occur if we wrongly store the jewelries. We must buy special boxes having separate compartments for the rings. It is also great to buy the one having the posts to hang bracelets and necklaces. For sterling silver, we can use anti-tarnish cloth to store it. Opals and pearls should be stored in very dry storage. Both of them draw moisture easily.

  • Things to Avoid

Our jewelries easily suffer from discolor and damages from excessive heat. Chemicals exposure also affects the quality of our precious jewelries. If we are going to swim, it’s recommended to remove the jewelries. Chlorinated pool is the death bed for our precious gems. Although diamond is rarely affected by sudden temperature change and chemicals, the other materials are quite prone. Silver, gold, and platinum are easily affected.

  • Traveling

During the travel, we must store the jewelries into special case. It may protect them safely. Leather travel case prevents tangles and damages during the journey. We must spend more money to delicate case to gain the best protection. Sometimes the traveling can be rough. It affects the quality of our jewelries. We must pay more attention on them.

We can use our jewelries for ages. Yet, they should be preserved in appropriate manner. Jewelry is the statement of beauty for most women. Knowing proper maintenance and cleaning is very important. We are able to pass the jewelry for next generation as long as we preserve it well. Jewelry can easily get scratched and tarnished because of the sweat. The tips above are basic ways to preserve our precious metals and gems.