BTExpert Cheval Jewelry Armoire Cabinet

Jewelry Armoire BlackThe BTExpert Cheval Jewelry Armoire Cabinet is elegantly designed for home grooming. The cabinet, which is manufactured by the BTExpert, has its own mirror to facilitate a complete grooming session from a single point. With this cabinet, you do not need to put on your necklace from one corner of your dressing room and then move across the room to your mirror location in order to see how stunning you are. The idea is to have you do everything from a single point.

Safe keeping

Since the jewelry collection is usually priceless, the lockable cabinet is very important for it will enable you to keep safe your collection of necklaces and rings. It also helps to keep the kids from messing with your grooming collection.

Saving on space

It has the capability of holding rings and necklaces in an organized and fashionable manner while saving you a lot of space in your house. So instead of throwing your necklaces all over the place, you will have one central place for keeping them in an orderly way.

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Features and specifications

  • Comes with a Full length mirror
  • It can be locked
  • It has Hooks and shelves for displaying the jewelry
  • It has small Drawers for keeping the rings
  • The design is modern


  • Very spacious: It can accommodate a lot of necklaces and still leaves you with a lot of space to keep more
  • Simple to assemble: Putting all the parts together is so simple that the process of assembling takes a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • Good quality: the wooden jewelry armoire is manufactured using high quality materials. Clearly, it was made to last a generation.


  • Earring holders: The holders are not very compatible with the earrings that come with stems

Customer Reviews

The Btexpert Cheval Jewelry Armoire Cabinet is easily the most popular of jewelry cabinets in the market today. With an online rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, this product proves itself.


In wrapping up, the black jewelry armoire is a must for the stylish modern woman. The mirrored cabinet is a key addition to its functionality. You can try on your necklace and then turn the door to your cabinet so that you can watch yourself from the full length mirror. Self grooming has never been made easier.

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