BelleDangles Jewelry Wall Mounted Organizer

Jewelry Hanging OrganizerMost of the women experience the tangled jewelry in the storage box or drawer and end up damaging the jewelry itself. However, if you want to keep the jewelry collection organized; you will need to keep it separate boxes which surely require lots of space. There is another way to keep the jewelry organized without occupying too much space; the jewelry hanging organizer can be a great option in order keeping the accessories organized.

There are plenty options of hanging jewelry organizer in the market; one of the best according to the consumers is the BelleDangles Wall Mounted Organizer. This hanging jewelry organizer will help you keep the jewelry organized and also long lasting. If you are looking for a hanging jewelry organizer; here is the review of Wall Mounted Organizer in black by BelleDangles.

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Excellent Jewelry Hanging Organizer

The Wall Mounted organizer in black is produced by the BelleDangles which is specifically designed to organize any kind of jewelry such as necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and many more In addition, the classic style comes with shelf on top of the organizer which is perfect for additional storage, display picture frame or mirror. What if you have more earrings than necklaces? There is no need to worry because the necklace bar can also be used for dangles and another type of jewelry.

Great affordability

With actual tangled free, you can hang the necklaces around the bar; however, if you find it difficult to clasp and unclasp every time you need one, you can use the S hooks. The S hooks are sold separately; it adds easiness when you hang the necklaces without the need to clasp and unclasp the items.

Excellent quality

Unlike jewelry boxes which make the jewelry tangled to each other, the hanging organizer from BelleDangles indeed solve the issue and save your precious collections. Moreover, hanging the organizer in the wall will also add an artistic touch to your home decorations as well as save storage space. This jewelry organizer is made of iron with powder rust proof coat powder in black which can be an additional showcase to display the accessories.

Features and specifications

This organizer has only 17 inches width x8 inches weight x 6 inches deep; with the size, it should be fit in your bedroom without occupying too many spaces. The BelleDangles hanging jewelry organizer can take up to 110 jewelry items including stud and dangle earring. The hanging organizer comes with plugs and screws and also easy installation; it can be your next DIY projects.

What Customers Say

Lots of people satisfy with this jewelry organizer as it promises tangled-free organizer. The unit comes with separate bars for rings, bracelets, and necklaces. However, the necklace bar can also be used to store dangle earrings.

The unit is sturdy and durable for it can hold up to 110 jewelry item. The BelleDangles jewelry organizer also comes with an upper shelf which can be used for additional storage.


Using this organizer, you can say goodbye to tangled jewelry. With the great features and specification, this jewelry organizer can be a perfect long term investment.

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