Basic Jewelry Types

You may be quite familiar with some of the jewelry types that are commonly used such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. However, you may not quite understand some types of jewelry you buy. Each jewelry has its own type anyway. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss one type of jewelry that has some types. In this case, we take necklace that has several types. Here are some types of necklace based on its length.

Collar Type

The length of necklace collar type is usually between 12 to 13 inches with a shape like a collar. Generally, this type of collar necklace used to stick in the neck. This type of collar necklace is a necklace of traditional Egyptian people. Most collar type necklaces have a wide size collar or consist of several ropes or chains. This type of collar necklace is usually designed for the glamorous event.

Princess Type

The princess type necklace is most commonly used by women and usually comes with a pendant. Its size in length usually ranges from 18 to 20 inches. Unlike the collar necklace, the princess type necklace is suitable for use in a variety of events starting from casual to formal even. Metals used in princess necklaces are gold, silver, and platinum. Just choose a princess necklace with a plain or basic designs that can be combined with a variety of stones or other ornaments.

Choker Type

Choker-type necklace is a kind of necklace with short ropes or chains that are used around the collarbone. Choker length is usually 14 to 16 inches. The most common material used for the choker is velvet and sometimes it is decorated with small rocks. It is quite similar to the collar necklace which is also suitable for night events because it will add your elegance of your look. But, you can also use it for casual occasions. In order to get the casual look, then you can choose a choker necklace made of beads with various shapes and colors.

Opera Type

The length of necklace opera type is usually between 30 to 35 inches. You can use this necklace by winding it two times to form it into a fashionable choker necklace or use as a necklace with a single rope or chain. Additionally, you can also make a knot create a classic look but also stylish. In the past, most of the women were wearing opera necklace for some night events. But nowadays, the opera necklace is more often used for casual occasions.

Matinee Type

The Size of matinee type necklace is longer than the princess necklace, which is about 22 inches. Usually, this matinee type necklace only has one rope or chain and fell right on top of the breast bone. The matinee necklace is perfectly paired with tube dress. However, the matinee type necklace is also ideal when used with a shirt that has a high neckline or a very low neckline.

In summary, those are some types of necklace based on the length that you have never known before. Somehow, you have to choose the correct necklace when you want to join to some events so that your appearance will look outstanding.