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Jewelry Reviews World AuthorHi, there.. Welcome to my website www.jewelryreviewsworld.com. I am quite a fan of possessing and wearing fashion jewelry items.  After all we be women, kids, girls loves jewelry. In my passion for jewelry, I thought of creating a website. I keep updating this website on informative articles on jewelry and few jewelries which I or my friend circle has tried and I thought that would help my fellow readers.

I had the craze of jewelry from my childhood. Now of course, I am mother of 3 kids and the craze continues. Sometimes, my hubby gets annoyed  when I keep hanging around the internet to find more on jewels. But this has not hindered my research.

I thought putting a collection of jewels would really benefit many people. I do cover jewelry for moms, babies and some interesting jewelery accessories. I hope this helps you a bit on your research.

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Nancy Wilson