5 Tips to Preserve Your Jewelry

Woman and jewelry can’t be separated. Jewelry beautifies woman’s appearance. There are many types such as rings, bracelet, necklace, and more. A big problem occurs if the jewelry has the reduction of quality. Any owners should learn how to preserve their valuables. There are 5 things to pay attention: Cleaning, storage, checks-up, traveling, and things to avoid. We can prolong the life of our jewelry by using those considerations.

  • Cleaning

We must be careful in cleaning the jewelry. Abrasive cloths or detergents are bad things to clean it. Don’t be rush and rough. The precious stones can loose and fall down to the sink drain. We can use mild soap, warm water, and lint cloth to clean the gems. Pearls are prone to scratch. Makeup brush is the best tool to clean pearls along with warm water. Later, we must dry them with soft towel. Don’t ever touch the pearls until they have completely dried. In fact, wet string can easily stretch.

  • Check-ups

For extraordinary expensive jewelries, it’s wise for us to check them regularly to professional jewelers. They can find out the problems soon. Later, they’ll conduct repairs to any troubles in our jewelry. Bringing back the jewelry to the reputable jewelers is a must. It’s the best idea to check up any damages. Moreover, qualified jewelers provide cleaning services. We can use their help to clean our valuables. The help of professional is important if we don’t have knowledge or experience in cleaning jewelry.

  • Storage

A good idea to preserve our jewelry is to find safe storage. Scratches, tangles, and gem fractures will occur if we wrongly store the jewelries. We must buy special boxes having separate compartments for the rings. It is also great to buy the one having the posts to hang bracelets and necklaces. For sterling silver, we can use anti-tarnish cloth to store it. Opals and pearls should be stored in very dry storage. Both of them draw moisture easily.

  • Things to Avoid

Our jewelries easily suffer from discolor and damages from excessive heat. Chemicals exposure also affects the quality of our precious jewelries. If we are going to swim, it’s recommended to remove the jewelries. Chlorinated pool is the death bed for our precious gems. Although diamond is rarely affected by sudden temperature change and chemicals, the other materials are quite prone. Silver, gold, and platinum are easily affected.

  • Traveling

During the travel, we must store the jewelries into special case. It may protect them safely. Leather travel case prevents tangles and damages during the journey. We must spend more money to delicate case to gain the best protection. Sometimes the traveling can be rough. It affects the quality of our jewelries. We must pay more attention on them.

We can use our jewelries for ages. Yet, they should be preserved in appropriate manner. Jewelry is the statement of beauty for most women. Knowing proper maintenance and cleaning is very important. We are able to pass the jewelry for next generation as long as we preserve it well. Jewelry can easily get scratched and tarnished because of the sweat. The tips above are basic ways to preserve our precious metals and gems.