10 Jewelry Trends for 2016

Speaking of jewelry, you must wonder how the latest jewelry trends look like recently. As we know, there are many people who want to have jewelry collections with the latest design, especially for those who have money. If you are one of the collectors of jewelry, then you should know the trend of jewelry in 2016. Maybe, you do not quite understand about this. So, you can read this article as your inspiration.

Here are 10 jewelry trends for 2016

Black and White

This is currently used by some professional designer to make newer jet black rhodium with rock start chic style. The combination of evergreen accent makes inspired jewels, silver, white gold, and enamel become livelier on Art Deco.

Earring Jacket and Studs

This is one of the people favorite jewelry model in which wearing studs can make them more outstanding as well as the jacket which makes it more fantastic. Of course, you may buy this earring jacket and studs at various prices.

Chokers and Necklaces

Actually, this idea was taken from 2015 model due to the show at the Oscar on February in which gave inspiration for 2016 style. This style makes anyone who is wearing look fascinating and elegant.

Layered Gold Design

The Gold material may be expensive to afford. Why don’t you have a bracelet, ring, and necklace that is made by combining gold and metal? This gold layering piece can be more affordable but still looks elegant.

Bigger Earrings

Nowadays, bigger earrings have been becoming trends among the artists which make their appearance more luxurious and elegant. This is a good one for making your beautiful while you are going to a party.


This is a new model of earring with a small stone which has a cool modern cluster style. It also becomes the most popular and coolest jewelry’s trend. This design makes the wearer look younger and resembles a creative person with the small material.

The Design of Whimsical

This is a unique jewelry trend in this year. The combination of the rainbow will make people change their minds in the thought of stodgy and unapproachable towards the jewelry stores.

Fancy Design

This concept of cut is taken from the cluster style in modern design from some designers such as Ilana, Ruth, and Ariel. Meanwhile, the others create a good engagement ring with a simple design which is taken from Jennie Kwon and other artists’ figures.

Ethical Material Made

In this cool design which has been becoming trends for 2016, some of the designers use some recycle metal to make a new model and use some gemstone. Of course, this trend makes some goldsmiths do the same in order to create a new concept and design for jewelry styles.

Stacking Ring

If you are looking for a cheap and affordable gift, then this stacking ring can be a great idea. Since this style of this ring really looks so cute and has a design like Wake house. Besides, this new style of stacking ring will make you look casual but still elegant.

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